June 3, 2019




Elder Horne

Mi hijito es capo

well, all in all my son is a capo. jis names elder horne from Reno Nevada. he works hard y has the desire to learn this language very strong! we only had 3 days to work this week due to lots of traveling, but we still got wuite a bit done. 
my first day working w my hijito we went contacting close to the mission offices in one of the most wealthy areas in the mission ( due to a strike that i probably shouldnt talk about, but ya it made it so we couldnt travle to our area.) we saw a man sitting on a bench alone so we stopped to talk with him. very firndly y a teacher of history so we taught him about the book of Mormon. awesome random leesson in the street. we got his address after he asked when more missionaries could come by his house! so glad my new comp could expirience that on his first day. 
also this week was funny but not at all because of a " political act" here in tucuman. this week is elections y one of the candadits closed the most important street in our area at every intersection on sunday ... made it impossible for pretty much all our people to come to church. thank you government. 
but ya, im lacking time this week as well my changos so im gonna end it here
bueno, have a good week to all of you!!!! keep reading the scripturs y praying! love you all so much! nos vemos amigos gracias por leer. élder Avery
1.mi son elder horne2the first mate of mi hijo!3. the first sandwich de milanesa of my hijo. im a good dad


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