May 13, 2019




Elder Spencer

Im in a trio again my mans. ( I also have a picture of the 2 legged dog. )

¡HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!i love you mom.
thats right i have a pic of the famous two legged dog. the saddest animal ive laid eyes on. it doest have its cute water jug around its rear end and stomic but this is good enough. 
more important: im in atrio again! y i love it so much! our new comp is elder gonzález de México. he and elder spencer were actually companions earlier in their mission also here in tucumán. elder gonzálezes comp elder mallqui got called to be the mission pensionista ( takes care of finances everything of the houses of missionaries.) y left for the offices in salta this week. so now elder gonzález is with us for the next two weeks! he is a crazy hard working missionary that is an amazing teacher. ive already learned quite a bit from him. with him we have towrok his area y also ours so we just get double the work. still love it though! 
we worked a bit  with that daniel who i think i talked about last week. he´s blind, 50 to 60 years old, y reaady for the gosple. this man has faith like a mountain. he has been praying that God would send people to find him y tlak to him about God. well, he came to church willingly. came by his house at 8:15in the morning expecting to be asleep like the normal argentino. to my supprise daniel was outside waiting for us in his church cloths. capo! we helped him walk to church y in all he loved everythng about the church. he wants ot be baptised.
well, we found a rediculous amount of people to visit this week .quite a few references from other ward that are golden. very thankful to be in this area to serve these amizing people with my capo companions. also, everyone thank your moms for everything theuve done for you. its amazing to look back in my life y see the many many things my mom has done for me. ( es porque mi mamá es mejor que todas). Love you all so much! hope everyone has a safe spiritual week. chao a todos
-elder avery
1.un perro without legs
2.elder mallqie leaving to salta3.secco tradicional. an extreamly good soda4. elder gonzalez on the left


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