April 22, 2019




Elder Spencer

Felices pascuas a todo.... its finally getting colder here too...

it was a chill y chilly week. 
jk. it was not chill at all. it was just chilly. so ya, it was a normally busy week. we did a lot of contacting y finding references this week. just trying to find more peopole to teach. we found a really nice hermano y his girlfiend from a referencia earlier this week. later in the week we had a few lessons. one thing is when we taught the restoration, the spoirit was so powerful y the hermano´s, Fernando´s, eyes were juist wide open the whole time. i could see that the spirit was doing the teaching for us. we have him un Libro de Mormón y he promised we would read whatever we gave him. yes, ive had this expireince many times but this specific time it just felt different. 
amother thing. we pushed a dead car half way up the Jujuy this week through shin deep water. so ya, the jujuy is just a really long road in our area y a guy was pushing his car up it so we just jumped behind his car y started helping. he tried to tell us to go away put we said no jaja. though conversation at the end he told us that he had been pushing his car for 5 hours before we started helping y if we hadnt had helped it wouldve taken him another hour or so.with us it only took 15 ish mins. he thanked us after y said hed like us to come over sometime! 
in final. had an unusuall amount of drunk people walk up y talk to us i think because of easter. it was cool though. we could help quite a few of them out. 
more important news. to officially say how much ive gained in weight: 10.3 kilos. idk how many pounds that is y i dont want to search that up y get depressed jaja. but ya, ive been running everyday in the mornings so illsee what happens this next few weeks
in all it was a pretty good week. we have lots of plans next week withthe people we found this last week. alright. thanks again everyone for reading! hope you all have a good week! suerte con todo!
-élder Avery
1. so its a tradicion to make huge chocolate eggs here for easter so a family made us one. it was actually really good.


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