April 15, 2019




Elder Spencer

ya pasau changos...

theres some tucumano basico for ya. spanish that doesnt mean anything at all. 
mkay. one thing to talk about this week that really important. Luis y Belén Beltrán were baptised thsi week! ya ive talked about this family a ton but heres some quick history. the first missionaries that contacted thsi fam gave them the lowest rank possible ( C ) just somethng to help future missionaries know if someone is intrsted. they wrote that they had some very stong beliefs y seemed as if they would never change. even after my first day in their house i thought that they would need years to change their hearts. but i can personaly say ive seen real miracles in this family. ive been able to see hearts of stone fall y testimonies grown. y one by one until this last saturday ive seen this family ( that many thought would never change) accept the gossple y get baptised. amazing just to be a part of this. 
alright, so also so news. ill be staying in my area with elder spencer for another transfer . seriously can not wait. we work pretty well together so im excited for this next transfer. 
i hope everyone is having a good time back home. i really do love ya all so much. thanks for reading y i hope all of you are saying prayers y ready the scrtiptures daily. i testify that family can be brought together closer than anything by simple reading the word of God y paraying to Him together. tengan una buena semana! les amo mucho! nos vemos!
-elder Avery
1. one of the best baptismes in my mission2. im fat again but we ate some sándwich de Milanesa!  


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