April 8, 2019




Elder Cañas

Re: Marriage is ordained of God.

Hmm. asado with other missionaries at a members house. 
On Mon, Apr 8, 2019 at 6:48 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
simple: one of, if not the best expirience of my mission so far. to be a witness at the marriage of Luis y Belén Beltrán! imposible to really explain the expirence. the spirit, although it wasnt a church meeting, was present y testified that this is something good y something that should be done. Luis y belen were definitly ready for this. ive had the chance to get so close their family, y tesch them lots of lessons. i seriously love the whole fam so much. in all, ths expirience has taught me that marriage is an esencial ordenace ordained of God to truely bring happyness y joy to a family. i testify that it is. i know it from seeing the changes in this family y the direct answers they have recieved by acting in faith. 
also, i forgot to say for the last few weeks, but! i have 6 months as of 3 weeks ago exactly. that seriously blows my mind. 1/4 of the mision gone already.. i honestly dont know my oppoinion on how fast time is going. 
this week was General Confernce. i seriously hope everyone of you listened to every session. i saw through many of the people were teaching that their anseweres y questions were completly y directly answered. i know for a fact that all of the talkes were carefully construtced by revelation ( as Prophet Russell M. Nelson said sunday.) my invit as a missionary to you all is to study the talks given to us to by revelation to help us for this next six months. their given t o us for a reason. 
ok, im out. pero i love you all so much! i wish you all luck with everything!  thaks for ready y stay tuned yo cause ill have some nice stuff for next week. ¡chau a todos!
élder Avery
1. a less than great pic of wedding.2.a better foto that has taihel doing whatevr on the side.3. me y anita beltran! 4.Gosh luis is one o the funniest peple ive met in my life.


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