April 1, 2019




Elder Spencer


in the least in awas a rediculously amazing week. 
first, sergio was baptzed! hes 55, is a taxi driver, y has shown some of the greatest exapmles of faith ive seen in my life. hes been taking leccions from missionaries from missionaries for a very long time. my first lesson with him we invited him to be baptized y i made him the promise if he Continues ( already actively doing it) to read y pray, he will know that he should be baptized on this last saturday ( 30 of march) . he sat,thought , y finally accepted it .! amazing! in all. he continued to do the things we had invited him to do y during hte week he bagan to really feel that he must be baptized this week. 
Baptism. after i walked him out of font y the other missionaries closed the doors. sergio jut started crying, looked to the skys y said " gracias padre". i m honored to first know his man, second, teach his the restored gospel of Christ, y third, see him be baptised y recieve the Holy Ghost. amazing man. 
ok, two more things. this week we have a marriage between two of the most golden people ive meet in my mission. so stay tuned. also this week is general conference. id imagine all of you woul do it anyways, but i want to invite all of you to watch, listen, y really focus during all four sessions this week. really im so excited for this cause we have so many families planning on coming with us! their so excited to hear the profet!!!!!!
fast, lost you all so much thanks again for reading my emails! tengan una buena semana! suerte con todo! les amo y nos vemos la proxima semana.
-élder Avery
muchas fotos de un capo no más1. sergio y his fam2. sergio y los misioneros3. sergio y nosotros


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