March 25, 2019




Elder Spencer


Ladies y Gentlemans. changos y chinitas... Ana got baptised.ok. i have 3 min well see how this goes. simply, ive been waitng ot see this baptism for a long time y sincerly this was one of the best expiriencesin my entire life. im so grateful for this chance i had o be a part of her baptism. littl ebit about ana Beltrán. my best friend here in tucumán y is the smartest 9 year old ive meet in my life. not kidding she acts like a mature adult sometimes y shes so freaking funny. shs a daughter in one of the famileys weve been teching here, ( the parents are getting marired y baptised soon). amazing family. ive seen real miracles with this family. we had a conference with Mark A. Bragg of the Seventy y it was awesome! two big conferences in 3 weeks. i felt what he ws saying was straight revelation from God to help us as individuals. I want to write my fam so im gonna stop here. jaja sorry to you know, not explain one of the best weeks ive had but im stopping it here. alright. just to say the least it was an awesome week y we expirienced a ton. ill have some good stuff to discuss the following eek as well. suerte con todo! love you all y raeally thanks for readin my emails! chau a todo
-Elder Avery
1. la conferencia. such a cool guy. got to talk with him personally after for a really long time!2-3. el bautsimo de Anita Guadalupe Beltrán! ¡más capa de todo!4-5.ya we have room access so its all good.


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