March 18, 2019




Elder Spencer

tengo 5 minutos para escribir de una de mis mejores semanas...

ok, as my title says... that week was amazing. y your gonna love hearing this. i have 5 min to write so, sorry? 
simply, so many things happened this week. we had so many dang lecciones y set a large amount of baptisimal dates with amazing people. ( next week ill have somthing really cool to talk about. shh...)
i wil  take a short 30 seconds to talk about dogs. concerning dogs, this week was intresiting. i saw all kinds of garbage that ill chose not to write about. ill chose one of the 80 things to talk about. we saw a do w out a stomic or hind legs. how does that worky how does it get around, a smart man would ask? well, the solucion is quite simple if your dog every losses its back half of its body.1. you take a small cardboard box. 2. put the box around where its butt and stomic should be3. duck tape tape the box to the remaining stomic of the dog.three simple steps to have a dog with two legs. posibly one of the saddest y most aweful things ive seen with dogs ( only one of the most horrrible ).
y also, i will be unable to take hardly any pictures here so... so rry about that too jaja. tucuman is very well known for its robbers so ill not have my camera with me too often. 
ok, no more, ill have more time ot write next week maybe. jaja chau everyone. hope everything is going great for all of you. one final invite: have family prayer. theres a fam here weve been teaching for a while y theve just started doing fam prayer together every night. ive seen miracles happen in this family. so please strive to have a family prayer every night. i know it to be somnthing important. ¡nos vemos!
1. one pic of me y my papí. zone leader of other zone next to mine.


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