March 11, 2019




Elder Spencer

Vas a aprender Tucumán Básico, vos...

Buenos Días ladies y gents.good. news... i got to baptize someone for the firt time!¡! woo! mkay hears the truth. so we he doesnt live in our area but the area right next to mine ( in the area of the two latinos in the pic at bottom). his name is Lucas, has 3 years, y is hilarious. y also i did get to sit in y help teach for 2 lessons y eventually i was chosen to baptise him. i got to meet y know him pretty well ( easier now that i can finally speak spanish). funny cause he asked me if it was my fist time y i just said "sí". he then said "eh, no hay problema, mi primera vez también" traducción - "no prob, my first time too".  hes the best y i could tell that he was definatly ready for this. y he was just so excited for the next day when he coulkd recieve the Holy Ghost. 
tons to write about, ok so really fast. there is a joke here that tucumanos have the worst spanish in the mission. it was close to imposible for my comp from el salvador to understand anyone for his first week or so here. there is actually a dictionary called "Tucuman basico" that translates words from spanish to tucumano! its hilarious! y the word chango is only used with more frequency here but it sounds like " eh chengooo¡¡!! ¡¡quitarte!!" its simply hilarious. so ya, ill say it was pretty hard to understand some people this week.
we found a reciculus amount of people to visit this week y just about all intrested. we could set any baptismimal dates but i can se that happening very soon. 
mkay time ir. just want to say that i love this place so uch y im so thankful or the chance i have to meet all these amazing people. always remember to be grateful for what you have. some of the happiest people ive seen here are the ones that have nothing. remember whats important. i love you all y hope everything is going good for you and your families. no vemo (tucumamo) ¿lef amoo!
-el élder Avery
1. el bautismo de Lucas 2. mi compañero élder Spencer3.what a nice building


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