March 4, 2019




Elder Spencer


¡¡¡i got transfered!!! what what! fast, im honestly going to miss soliz pizarro so much, but im a little glad to leave. there are no excuses but it was a hard area. yesterday i took some time to visit a few familys ( recent converets, menbers, y people were teaching) y say bye.  pretty ad actually y lots of tears were shed. we visited soledad y her kids ayelen y axel. we taught an amazing lesson (the spirit was so stong)y after, we ate pizza. axel said the closing prayer y half way through all of us just started bawling. super sad y ill mis them so much! soledad ( idk if i said this last time) told us she knows what were teaching is the truh. she recieved a real answer. ayelen also has a baptisimal date for this saterday. ugh, depressing that i wont be able to see it. so last night while we were with soledad we recieved a calll from the zone leaders saing im going to Independencia, tucuman!!! thats carazy!! so im here rn y its great. its the biggest city in the misón y its known for its high population of changos ( that like to rob) so well see how this goes. seriously imso excited for this transfer casue i already love the area. sweet. so also, iwould like to invite all of you to read the book of mormon. doesnt matter if youve read it 10 times, are reading it, or have never read a coplete chapter. i know that when we read the book of mormon y actually study it, our testimonies will grow. i know that for a fact. ive seen it y definatly expirienced it. we tauht a lot about the book of mormon this week y my testimony only grows more y more every time i bear my witness of its truth. bueno, i hope everything is going good for all of you. wish ya all the best. alwasy remmebr whats important. dont let anything distract you. ¡les amo! chau,-élder Avery
1. ayelen y axel. dont have a pic of soledad....2. recent converts, alejandro y rene. they wernt happy that i was leaving ( sons of daniel if you remember him )3. sister andrea cicilia y su hija dani! 4. fam guzman


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