February 25, 2019


Barrio Solis Pizarro Calle


Elder Magipo

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what what! bueno, firstly y simply, we had a confence with elder Dale G. Renlund, elder Juan P. Villar y another elder from the seventy ( cant remember his name cause is was crazy long y imposible to pronounce). have a lot i can say abou this expireince, but noi time. before th econference we had the chance to individually shake all their hands!!!! first time i had ever met an apostel y i can say when i looked into his eyes y said my name was Elder Avery i know with out a doubt in my mind that this man is called of God to be a member of the Quórum de los Doce Apóstoles de la Iglesia de Jesucristo. he spoke with such power in his talk for us y it was defintitly inspired by God directly for us. 
the next day in sunday there was a stake confence with elder juan p. villar y Soledad came with her daughter Ayelen (aishelen)! our misiion president also talked with his wife! i know soledad y her daughter felt the spirit. so mant cool expiriences this week.
also this whole week was a week of serviece. tons of work with constuction on the houses of members and the people were techeing! i loved it! jaja these argentinos love sleep more than their families, but when the time comes to serve others they work until they drop. i love this ward so much. seriamente so many things happened this week, but no time to write, entonces, lo siento. but ya lots of pics por todos!! 
-elder Avery
1. service in la casa de Familia Tolaba. building a second floor to their house. they have baptisimal dates!!!!!!!!!2.building a nice fence for a white y gross, but this is hermana victoria y su daughter Adrea. this family is special for me.4.(here down is confence) my comp with his four step sons. ( my step brothers)


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