February 18, 2019


Barrio Solis Pizarro Calle


Elder Magipo

Bueno, i can wear all my pants again.

good news!¡!!¡!¡! i lost weight. so i dont have a scale but i found one a month ago in a farmacy y it said i had gained a phat 15 kilos. i think it was lying but if it was right then i had gained 33 pounds jaja!!! i felt like a true american. but ya, so this entoire last two weeks ive just been doign staight Insanity ( provided with thanks by la misión) y ab work outs. y this week i acheived something big, i could finally wear all my pants again. you could say it was a good week. 
ok seriously this week was pretty good. had some absolutly amazing lecciones y found lots y lots of new people to teach. but at the same time it was a tough week also. baptismimal dates just keep falling through y i can say it is the hardest thing to see people feel the spirit y feel that this is tue y then just keep pushing baptism back. ugh, its frustraiting. 
oh, y soemthing pretty cool, elder Dale G. Renlund is coming to salta this week!!!! this saturday we are having a conference with the area president seventy y an a`postol this saturday! i seriously cant wait.
mkay, no más cya next week todods. chau
-élder Avery
1. some dance people were doig in centro called folkloro 


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