February 11, 2019


Barrio Solis Pizarro Calle


Elder Magipo

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Alrighty then, no time to write this week. lots happened today (pday) y ya, now i dont have a lot of time to write, so i better start now!!!
sweet, entonces ill talk about one of the people weve been teaching. ive talked about her before y her names Soledad. she of course is amazing y i absolutly love the lessons we have with her. we had two this week ( absolutly amazing) y like all argentinos, her biggest problrm is coming to church. but, in our secondlesson with her, she asked us "¿ok, so what exactly do i have to do to go to church, how do i prepare for it?" we just said what the heck? we were so supprised!!! y excited!!! i couldnt believe it. so ya we explained everythiong y stuff. she said shed be  20 mins early y everything. during sacrament i was just shaking casue she still hadnt come by then. but right at the end of sacrament i saw her waiting outside the door y i was so happy! honestly this was a miracle to see her come to church. for a lot of reasons. one her husband is 100% catholic, y second she is pretty shy y was pretty nervous to come sit in a meeting for an hour ( y a hour class after) with a group of people she had never met. ill say it now, we plan on talking about baptism this week y im so excited!!!!
other fun thing this week. my comp y i are teaching thiago how to read. hes one of the people we were teaching before, but his dad is more catholic than the pope y gave us a hard no to baptism. his mom loves us y wants us to be in the house so if if we cant teach the gospel, well teach him how to read. jaja y tbh sometimes we have him read from the Book of mormon, but his mom is ok with it. i seriously love it y hes learnign very very quickly. 
ok no más to say this week. we found new people than i plan to talk about next week! love you all ( the ones that actually read this ) bueno, ¡chau a todos!
- élder Avery
1. made more empanadas ( empanada is what theyre suposed to look like, the one below is the one i made jaja!)2. i only have time for one pic 👍


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