January 21, 2019


Barrio Solis Pizarro Calle


Elder Cañas

¡Nuevo Compañero!

alrighty then, first, i have a new comp. so today was pretty crazy. Mi papí élder Cañas is off to el norte while i stay here to lead Soliz Piarro. y mi padastro ( think it means step father) is élder  magipo de Peru. this is hisvery last transfer of his mission so i plan on working hard with him.  y forgive me, i dont have any pictures of him so youll just have to wait a week.bueno, one thing that was awesoe about this week was that élder cañas y yo found a ton of people to teach. but it rained a ton we we havnet taughta whole lt of lessons to any of them. all of them keep asking when we can cme back though y teach more so thats good! y a lot of them came to church thsi sunday! so you could say theyre pretty capos. one of the people from our teachings came back from Patigonia ( un parte de argentina en el sur) y she being the más capa of the world brought us back mates! basicly containers to hold mate, a drink that every argentine man woman and child drinks. but we cant use them casue missionaries cant drink mate so ill just have to wait. she also brought us other stufff y made us empanadas this week. she also just absolutly loves to learn about he gospel y alwasy has a lot of questions. beuno need to go but i still love you all. wish everyone luck this week. 
1. un sandwich de cielo2. bife ( yo creo ) whichj is a food from bolivia. jaja the member who ownes our pensión made it for us. wasnt to bad


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