January 7, 2019

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hi, como estan. this week was really really exciting y a lot happended. 
Primero, i killed a monster spider in our casa. Élder Cañes said it was absolutly nothing compared to the spiders in his home land of El Salvador. 
Proximo, we found a ton of people this week. one personis named Ines. shes about 70 years old y just staight up said she wants to be baptsied. Élder cañas y yo were pretty suprised even after her son ( gave us the referal throught the asistants to the president) told us she was very intrested. entonces Ines is awesome y apsolutly loves learning about the Gospel! 
so weve been trying to meet with Exequiel y su hermano "beto" more, Exequiel always has work, so its hard for him to meet with us. But Beto is absolutly amazing! he walked 3 miles in this horible argentine heat just to make it to church on time!!!! gosh i have a lot of respect for this chango. he always reads the scriptures i give him y i can tell he has progressed so much in the Gospel.
also, the people across the street started their music at 11:30 at night y turned it of at 11 in the moring so almost 12 full hours of staight partying over new years for these people. 
Resl quick, i aslo want to say that im so thankful for this oportunity i hvae to teach y especially meet all these amazing people. theyre all super capo y i have a love for them that indescribeable (didnt even try). 
No Más tiempo, pero tengo muchas fotos. entonces nos vemos mis amigo y tengan una buena semana. 
1. Mi comp insisted i send this. 2. El pescado del mar that absolutly destroyed my stomic for a day o two3. Progreso: where Ines lives y also the most dangerous part of our zone jaja4.una araña


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