December 24, 2018


Barrio Solis Pizarro Calle


Elder Cañas

Re: ¡¡Feliz Navidad, buh... buh... buh. buh. Feliz Navidad!!

didnt mean to send so i have more to say jaja. also that second pic is my first baptisimal sesion! shes from another area so i dont know her very well, but my comp intercied her casue hes district leader y she wanted him to baptise her. it was awesome y super spiritual. the trhird foto is the youth of the ward and us christmas caroling for the less active members, way fun  y love spending time with those chicos! well, no tengo mucho más decir. entones nos vemos próxima semana y otra vez ¡Feliz Navidad!
On Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 6:07 PM Jackson Avery <> wrote:
Gonna be honest. i really dont like christmas without snow. its an uncomfrontable 30ish degrees celcius rn with humididy and last week there was a day that way almost 39 which is i think round a hundred farenhight (not even gonna try) and the humidity is gonna kill me one of these days. its rought going from one of the driest states in the US of A to feeling like your swimming though the air. but i hear navedad acá is kinda like the 4 of july in the states so im excited for a whole night without being able to sleep. well, we had a christmas conference with the pres and the two zones here in the city. we played a good ol game of elefante blanco y the mission pres got us some regalos. for every missionary he got Argenttina fútbol jersies that say "La M.A.S. 2018" ( Mison Argentina Salta ) y also a book titled " 161 milagros de M.A.S." full of miracles, one from evry missionary in the mission. this futher proves i have the best presidente de misión del mundo.
1. los regalos de mi presidente.2. el bautismo de joana quispe


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