December 17, 2018

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uhh Bevis, creo que me di cuenta de algo

mkay, no time cause today has been rediculously crazy. this weeks been great. lots of people  to teach. y lo siento im seriously on the slowest computer in the world so i only have one thing to talk about. y im really worried about my pictures, i really doubt theyll be done and ready to send. entonece, i finished reading el Libro de Mormon another time. one thing i did and invute everyone to do is everytime you finish reading it ( and other times) to kneel down and pray if its true. i have a lo to say but no tim eot say so ill make it simple. the time in my life i can say ive felt the spitit the stongest in my life is when hve prayed to know this book is true and that the man who transated it was a profeta of God. ugh  i have so much to say, but we have a freind named daniel. he has 50 years aand is in a part member family. his wife is a member of 4 months and his hijos were baptised a year ago. he until now has had a hard time beleiveing the BoM is real.  but in a lesson we had with him we read 3 nefi 11. he pryed and recieved his answer. im out of time and need to go but i promise have a lot of big things to talk about daniel next week.
y no pics cuz this computer is slow ¡pero todavía les amo! nos vemos proxima semana
-élder Avery


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