December 10, 2018

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no teimpo esta semana tambien. jaja lo siento.un poco más sobre Exequiel. so ya, Exequiel y su hermano Victor are abolutly amazing and have been progressing so much in the gospel. they both read the book of mormon and have been coming ot church regularly. i cant explain the love ive had during the many lessons with Exequiel y all the other people here. and ya we do have a quite a few people we are teaching but exequiel y his brother are just so special and are always wantingt to learn more.
important, the food has only gotten better y better. i have learned where to buy and how to cook milanesa so expect me to have adouble chin within the next 4 emails. also i ate a respectable 20 empanadas at almuerzo yesterday. 
sorry dont have time for much casue i wasted a lot on food jaja. pero we had a reunion with my group from the ccm at the mission home for our meeting for "12 semanas" gosh it was aweesoome to see them and be able to talk in spanish with them. its amazing what the gift of tounges can do. this meeting also stregthened my belief that my presiedent is the best in the world.  
¡Les amo mucho mis amigos! hasta prixima semana-élder Avery
1. some of the elders from my district del ccm. i look like a fool


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