September 26, 2018


Mexico City CCM


Elder Holmes

¡Mi Primera P-Dia!

Hola amigos! This first week in the CCM has been insane! it feels like I left the good ol US a month ago! time moves very slow here, but believe it or not the food isnt to bad. and and really quick, very sorry for all the spelling mistakes y the missed punctuation. This Spanish keyboard sucks and i seriously have no time at all for anything..

Well to begin, my flight down here to Mexico City was pretty dang good. loaded myself with sugar and soda and met my first companion Elder Holmes. Elder Holmes is one of the nicest people ive ever met and im very glad to have him as my first comp! hes extremely motivated and wont bend the missionary rules for anything.

The classes here at El CCM are ridiculous. i know they are beneficial for us, but they are crazy hard and last all day. we have to give lessons on the daily and they have to be completely in Spanish. My comp and i have already taught four lessons to "martin" really just one of our teachers, and weve already had him commit to baptism! of course he probably took it easy on us because we are literally reading a lesson first writen in enlgish, translated to spansish, and then read of the paper with the worst pronunciation possible.

I will say that i have already experienced the Gift of Tongues though. On our second day we had a teacher that could hardly speak English, so he pretty much just tried to speak slow Spanish.(sorry, not the best at explaining what happened) but while we were in that class my comp and i could understand what he was saying or at least follow what he was talking about. I felt the Spirit so strongly! And although my Spanish is still garbage (proof from trying to talk to latinos) i have felt that im learning this language at a rate that i could never do without the Spirit.

im running out of time so ill talk about something important. The food. Its actually not bad, but as most of you can guess Ive been avoiding the mexican food. Which restricts me to cantaloupe, pizza, pineapple, the occasional burger, pancakes, fish, and chicken. But hey, im not complaining.

Well Thanks Everyone! I love and miss you all!

-Elder Avery

Sorry not a lot of pics this week. but heres my district and my comp. theyre awesome!


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