April 11, 2016


Lota, Chile


Elder Sheffield

Week #8

Hello hello! Thats what all the chilenos say to us in the streets because we are huge gringos. The think its pretty funny. a lot has happened this week. we taught several people this week, met a lot of miembros, ate more food than i could handle, and discovered we have little fury room mates. we have mice in our place. they get into our food and poop in it. we caught one the other day and fed it to a pack of dogs. The members here are great. we have a lot of strong recent converts. The members are happy to come along with us to a lot of lessons. our lessons are way better when members come and share their personal experiences. We also get lunch appointments err day. The meals here are insane. We aren't allowed to eat dinner here so we eat a ton for lunch. The usual lunch is like this. First they always start out with a plate of salad. if you don't eat it really fast and all of it then its rude and they think you hate them haha. then they usually bring out some sort of stew or soup with unlimited bread. at that point i'm usually pretty stuffed. Then they bring out the main course of steak or fish with a huge side. they dish out the food for you so you can't choose how much you eat and you have to eat all of it or else. at that point i'm about to hurl and die. Then there's always dessert. Eating here has become a chore. the food is good but the portions are going to be the death of me! haha. Elder Sheffield and i are pretty lucky because we just walked into a bunch of success here in Lota. The last elders had a bunch of people that they recorded and we have found all of them and they are progressing all so much. one family is so legit. David y Javiera. they are what most would call golden investigators. they are 19 years old and married with a kid which is a miracle cause no one here is married. they are getting baptized this Saturday. we pass by them every night because we taught them the word of wisdom and david smoked 40 cigs a day! we taught him and he just dropped it. We have him following a plan to quit and hes hasn't smoked! we visit every night to help encourage him and stuff. Its really tough on him. also hes a cop and the guys at work bully him and now make fun of him for not smoking. they are really awesome tho. We have another baptism for the next saturday and others who we hope will get baptized also. We are also going to teach an english class this week to find more investies. i'm pretty stoked for that cause we have some converts here who were found that way. Chile is awesome and i learn new things everyday. its really safe here and none of the other elders have ever been robbed. Lota has a lot of families and everyone is really nice. i never feel unsafe here at all. my testimony has grown so much as i've been sharing it here, and also as i've seen how the gospel has changed our investigators lives for the better. the church is true. chau chau los vemos ç
elder olsen

Jenny. i actually live with the zone leaders so there are four of us in our space. we live above a store and its actually pretty nice. we have what we need and the say its one of the nicer homes in the mish. which scares me cause its crappy but big. the bathroom is big tho so that's nice. i'm glad you had a great time at codys. i keep jack in my prayers err night. i hope he gets out of that relationship. i'm bummed that roxy didn't get preggo. kinda sad but i'm sure its cause tuck was too young. next time then.
DAD - the boat! and cody's sounds like fun. glad to hear that justine and david are doing well. get james a wife haha. its getting cold here. it gets to the 70s in the day here and like the 40s at night. its about to get a lot colder cause of the rain season which is coming. you would like it cause the house is so cold in the morning cause we don't have heating. no me gusta. los nachos papa. i love you dad!


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