April 4, 2016


Lota, Chile


Elder Sheffield

Week #7

Chile! i made it finally. We left the CCM at 3 pm and got to Chile at 3 pm the next day! the 8 hour plane ride was brutal, but the the plane ride was really good to Concepcion. I taught a guy and placed a Book of Mormon so that was fun! we got to Concepcion and immediately left for our missions. I'm serving in Lota, Chile right on the beach! I got to the house at 9 and then i went tracting for 30 minutes haha. i was so tired. I hadn't slept for 2 days. My companion is Elder Sheffield. Hes super tall. 6'5" and plays bball. hes super good. hes an american from pleasant grove utah. he only has 3 months left and i'm gonna kill him in the mish or send him home. Lota is awesome. its a lot like the Oregon coast except its way warmer. it gets hot in the afternoon but at night it drops to the low 50s and our house doesn't have heating. the sleeping bag has saved my life. Chile is really nice. they have peanut butter and nice restaurants. the food is super normal and good. There are some really poor areas and also some rich homes as well. we have a washer machine in our house. sometimes i walk through the streets and it looks like im living call of duty. the houses are so condensed and look really poor on the outside but when you walk in the house it just looks like a house in america. except there is no carpet. it is really hilly here and its so pretty. The first day we tracted the coast line and people live in shacks right on the beach. there are dogs everywhere and they are not like dogs in america. bed time is 11 to 7 so that's cool...The language is super hard here. even spanish speakers have a hard time understanding. they don't pronounce their s's here and they mumble everything. my comp repeats what they say so i can understand haha. The church and the members are so strong here. we have 120 active in our branch and they help us so much. we get fed lunch almost everyday. our area is huuuuge. i love the beach so much its so awesome. the days fly by here. We had a lot of people come to conference with us and we have an awesome family gettin baptized that i'm super stoked about. they are so great. Well that's it for now since my time is practically gone i just tried to shove as much info as possible.
elder Olsen

Jenny!! add alec swainston to my email strain. he got his call to england. How are you? i'm doing super good! i love it here and i'm chuggin along. don't have much time i had to write my prez in spanish....uhh haha. i love you mom i'll write everything in my biggy email.
Jackson! you stud you'll definitely get 6 feet i know it. just keep practicing really hard and drop the ankle weight bro! you would like it here in Chile. dude they people are hilarious. the drunk high fleites or gangsters are hilarious! keeep jumping kid. you would be a giant here. i'm a giant here its awesome. they all think i'm like 30 years old haha. love you jackson!
hey dad i'm here! i'm in like a little hub of computers! sad to hear that hes retired now. it was awesome while it lasted! my president didn't let us email cause we just didn't have the time we had to go to our areas that night. the new president hardly even talked to me. i'll probably only see him 3 more times before he leaves and we get our actual mission prez. we shall see. Thanks for being the best dad in the world! i definitely miss you all but i'm doing super good here. i'll have you know that its actually pretty nice here in Chile. its like being in a different universe but things are the same in so many ways! The language is coming along i guess. Chile is definitely way more developed than Argentina. we have peanut butter and the food is good. the church is real strong in our area. its awesome. well i love you and miss you! don't trade me for a game plz! sorry the keyboard is messed up sometimes its doesn't space.
love you!


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