March 23, 2016


Mexico City MTC


Elder Checketts

Week #5

Heeeyall. This week went by so fast! im in my last week of the CCM and i know im going to miss the free food, and the cage soccer and my zone. Except i heard some bad news this week that my mission president president Bluth is really sick and in a hospital in salt lake city. He woke up with a huge thing on his neck and couldnt talk or something like that. cant get to much info as a missionary but thats what I heard so i really hope hes okay and back to welcome us in chile on monday. Im like a pro in the ccm cause im the oldest and technically ive learned everything that i need to know to be fluent in come im not? i know that as soon as i hit the mission field that i will be a straight greeny noob! some good news though, i got a new friend named elder Tapia that is from antufagosta chile. hes the only chileno elder here! he told me that the chilenos in the south in concepcion speak way slower than the Chilenos in the north! That actually made me feel a lot better. however i know that eventually if i have enough faith and work hard to learn the language then it will come and there is really no need to stress myself out about it.
We have some great traditions for all the leaving missionaries here that i cant wait for. our district drew names and we buy candy for each other and make them into leis using tape. we each have a person in our district to buy for and then on sunday we willl wear the candy leis while we watch a movie. im hoping that its the restoration. crossing my fingers. We are also going to have to say goodbye to our two teachers. My teachers have helped me so much with my testimony and with my progression as a missionary.
Our zone has the dopest service project. a lot of people have to clean the kitchen or bathrooms or casas but our zone has to help all of the new gringo missionaries come in and we take them to their homes and stuff. its sooo much fun. its tradition to take them home and gather the new elders in the casa and Elder checketts and I give them advice and spiritual thought since we arte the zone leaders. This last week we had a huuuuge group. We had 25 Elders and like 20 sisters. We took the Elders to their homes and i gave them some advice on adjusting to the ccm and then elder checketts gave a spiritual thought. things were going great it was a good experience and then we asked one of the new elders to pray. halfway through the prayer Of course Elder Schlaich (who may be the most funny, but one of the most strange people i know) just rips one. The Elder just stopped praying for ten seconds but it seemed like an eternity...........Elders just fall to the floor and we struggle through the end. at the end everyone was on the floor dying of laughter. It was soo funny! But i feel like i failed cause we tried to make a good impression and we ended up just killing it haha. oh well.
Now for whats really important. This week Elder Cook from the quorum of the 12 came to the CCM! It was the best talk i had ever heard in person. i went in with some personal questions and all of them were answered like he had just prepared the talk specifically for me. he did some question and answer about preach my gospel. He is so smart and perfectly answered everyones questions instantly. he knows so much about preach my gospel because he wrote it by the power of the Holy Ghost with the other general authorities under the direction of the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. PMG truly is an inspired book. Sometimes he would stop mid sentence and be like "i feel prompted to say this..." A couple things that i took away form his talk were that he said that his most spiritual experiences in his life have been when they were for other people and not his own knowledge or gratification. I need to make my prayers less about my self and focus on others who need the truth in their lives. At the end of his talk, he said that its not a good idea to share extreme spiritual experiences that are really personal to us because they are sacred. but he said he wouldnt go into details about any of his, but he testified that "I know the saviors voice, I know the saviors face". That statement felt like a wall of bricks just hit me. I have never seen Jesus Christ. but i dont need to physically see him to know that he lives and is my savior.
At the end He gave us all an Apostolic blessing. one of the things that he blessed me with was that eventually i would know on my mission that it isnt about me, that its about Christ, and the people that he wants me to serve.
Next week i will be in Chile. Im nervous but im ready to get out there and do what He wants me to do.
love you all!
Elder Olsen

pictures later this week!

>Jenny! hola! get a new computer already! i never got my doughnuts! i never got a package. it was mexico presidents day on monday so i hope it comes....i was wondering if they never do come if you could send doughnuts to me for friday which is one of my last days cause we are going to have a party! I know for sure that we leave monday some time but i dont have my flight plans. i will get my flight plan tonight at 6pm and afterwards im going to try to email you my flight plan and when i plan on calling. how do you use a calling card? do i buy like a phone? or do i use the telephones at the booths? let me know. thanks for the pics of the dogs. i was wondering if you could send me a package for when im in chile to my mission home. i want some probiotics. i m fine now but i take probiotics every morning for breakfast here but i wont have those in chile. can you send those? also i need a photo album and whatever else. just whenever you want to do that that would be great! as for calling, i talked to our mtc presidency about it. he said that it wasnt against the rules but it also wasnt a thing. so he said if you feel that its right then its up to you. so really all i heard was "call your family!" haha. so ill email you tonight after i get my travel plans or i might have another half pday before i leave. we shall seee. im leaving again for the temple today!
Dad you barely caught me! thanks i thought i wouldn't t hear form you! Tell jackson to jump higher. i really hope roxy has babies. that would be awk if she didnt. this is my last week and im stoked to talk to you all. ill let you know when!

whoops. just realized that if im not able to call in mexico from 1 to 4 your time then i wont be able to call until 2 am to 3am if i have to do it in santiago. love you!

So my flight leaves on monday the 28th at 7 25 pm to santiago and then i get there at 630 am and then fly an hour to concepcion. Entonces, im gonna leave the ccm around 2 or 3 cause its an hour away depending on traffic and then i will board the plane at 630 ish. im going to call while im waiting in mexico. you are two hours behind in washington so im going to call between 3 to 6 my time which will be about 1 to 4 your time. i cant tell you specifically but thats the best i can give you so be expecting a call between that time! if i never call its because i dont have any time and i might try to call at 630 am which is like 430 am. if you dont answer thats cool. i got your doughnuts today but the mail was closed so i have to wait till tomorrow to get them. thanks! love you!


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