March 9, 2016


Mexico City MTC


Elder Checketts

Week #3

Well well welll...elder checketts got released from being the district leader and he and I have been called to be the new zone leaders for zone 12. its alot more responsibility but its a joke compared to what a zone leader has to do out in the field. our branch presidency is legit and i love them so much . we try to make sure that the zone sticks together and we eat and work out together. All the guys in the zone we play basket ball and my favorite thing to do is play cage soccer. they have fenced in basketball courts and soccer gaols underneath the hoops. it gets pretty intense in the cage. im actually not to shabby at soccer. but we have elder palmer who played college soccer and he owns me bad.
We have made so many more latino friends. the latinos in our rooms keep us up really late and we do tie exchanges or corbata cambios. ive traded a few crap ones for better ones. its a rush. The latinos are funny kids! we try to eat at least one meal with them and we talk with allo f them throughout the day. we finally found a latino from chile! hes from antofagasto chile and he said that the people in southern chile in concepcion speak way slower than northern chilenos. so that takes off some of the stress haha.
My spanish is coming super well. it used to take elder checketts and forever to make lesson plans in spanish and we would have to write them out in notebooks and take them into our lessons. this week we dropped the notebooks and now when we teach our two investigators we make a small lesson plan and think of a couple of scriptures and then when we teach we only bring our spanish scriptures and just go for it. We can perfectly understand them and we can answer their questions and now instead of lessons we have more of disscussions in a way. We are the only companionship that can do it. the other elders and sisters still have to write it all out. it takes us like 15 minutes now to prepare for a lesson haha. my gospel spanish is really good but my conversational spanish is stilll pretty bad. but im learning alot everyday. i know that the lord has blessed me to remember the things i learned when i was 14 and 15 and helped me to understand new things as well. The other people in our district joke about putting elder checketts and i in a seperate class cause they think we are too ahead of them. But the others are learning so much everyday and we really try to help eachother out with spanish as much as we can. i bet that by the end of the six weeks we will all be close to the same level hopefully.
Ive been really trying to focus on forgetting the natural man in me. in mosiah, it says that the natural man is an enemy to god and cannot have the spirit. often times i am selfish and think about how this is hard on me. we all do this. its natural to look inwards when things are hard. Ive been praying alot to have the ability to forget my self and focus on others, and then on sunday i was called to be a zone leader so now i have no time to think of myself. its great! That is how the Lord answered my prayer. i love serving the lord and this is where im supposed to be. sometimes i gett a little too excited and i just want to leave for chile already but i have a lot to learn still
thank you every0ne for your prayers i love you all!
Elder Olsen

Jennifer, jenny, mom, my p day is wednesday now i forgot to tell you. it was tuesday only for week one and maybe the last week im here. Im ging to the temple later today so im rushing to get everything done. Thaaaaank you soooo much for the doughnuts and mail. mail is the best thing ever. id get the most mail in the district. some days we check mail and no one gets any and its sad haha. and then some day s i get it and everyone just looks at me angrily haha. like a letter could just say poop and i would be happy. also, Elder packard is in my branch presidency and his wife is hermana packard and shes from richland. her name used to be jodie powell and grandpa volmer home taught her mom. She always talks about grandpa volmer and she quotes alot of his talks from years ago to me. I told her that I had a copy of his testimony and she wants it really bad but i din{t know if it was just a family thing or not. she wants to make a copy of it. is it okay if she gets one? or is it just for family only? not sure. she s also jealous of my richland bomber shirts. wirte me on mexico carepackage and let me know what i can do. and if you have to send doughnuts again i would nt stop0 you. and the chocolate milks were bomb!!!!!! thank you agian mom i love you and miss you
also, study alma chapter 11 but really try to focus on what is happening. jesus comes to the people and they gather at the temple. if you pay attention to this chapter, are they actually in the temple? espicially focus on the verse that says they went to christ "one by one" to touch christs scars. we only do things one by one three times. when we are born, when we die, and when we are judged. just a thought check it out. and if you have any freee time, check out the talk "true doctrine , understood changes attitude and behavior" by todd D. parker. everything testifies of christ.

jackson, jackpoop, squeaky mcgee! 6, 6? what the flip? is that real life? i can{t even believe it haha jk i can . thakns for writin me i appreciate that. marshawn lynch style i appreciate that. are you stoked for mowing in a truck without a stereo? im kinda jealous i thik that mowin with us three would be fun. Well take it easy jackson and slay them ladies. i pray for you and love you. tell me what else is goin on and lett ñme know your jumps in your meets!
Hahaha thanks Dad! thanks for the doughnuts they keep me awake in computer lab at night and I shared them with all of my district and people in my zone. yeah the idioma language is coming along greatly. as for my digestion, we take probiotic yogurt shots in the morning time. i get everyone in the district to grab one and then we say shots shots shots and then we toast and then we see who can down it the fastest cause they taste nasty haha. Im glad im missin out on that work. the work here is not physical but its still alot haha. im in a normal routine now so thats all good. the days are so short now and the weeks are flyin by. we are the oldest district in our entire zone. haha nephi probs had a sense of humor. good luck with them Isaiah chapters. i like to show the picture of you to all my buds to show them how huge you are. dude youre huge.
i love you dad thanks for emailin me. potato, potate potato potato. translation. i love you dad
Elder Olsen


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