March 2, 2016


Mexico City MTC


Elder Checketts

Week #2

This week went by so fast. i felt like i was just emailing the other day. I have learned so much in just this past week. If i hadn{t taken two years of highschool spanish i would be wrecked. our teachers only speak in spanish so you just gotta know what they are saying. we teach two investigators everyday this week except for p day and sunday. They are fake investigators but it is sooo real. Our last fake investigator got baptized hahah. he had mercy on us. its harder now. one of our investigators doesn{t believe in god. our first lesson with him went so well though. Our lessons have been getting better each time. at first we kinda just prepared scripts and when we taught we just read what we wanted to say in our lesson. now we just right down a few bullet points and maybe some questons on a single page and just talk with the investigator. i can understand everything they say and answer their questions. however, when i talk to latinos i have to clue what they are saying. i think they try to talk extra fast and slur their words just to scare me. some latinos are nice and talk normal and i can understand most of what they say. ive had to do alot this week. In SPANISH, i memorized the 210 words, the mission purpose statement, the babtismal question, the first vision, and moroni chapter 10 verses 3-5, that we had to memorize by monday. hah. Its been alot to memorize but its chill. i know the lord has helped me accomplish these things. We learn in two weeks what you would learn in two years of highschool spanish. we are already in future tense verbs.

My zone is way sick. we try to do everything together. There are 24 elders and hermanas in the zone and 4 districts of 6 people in the zone. We just lost district 12 b last night..Elder booth left..he was so funny it was hard to see him go. also, josie perrin is in my zone! she was in district 12b and she left today. Shes representing roanoke well! Next week we will lose another district and then our district will be the oldest for two weeks..elder checketts and i might be called to be the zone leaders. Our zone leaders are awesome. They are the funniest guys. One of them is in a wheel chair cause he broke his foot and we call him elder X like from x men. after the wheel chair he moved to a walker and then to crutches and now he walks with a cane everywhere! its hilarious. We all eat together everymeal and its so fun. The food here is great. they make american food here {or what they perceive to be american food} and its really good. except, the desserts are terrible. we came to the conclusion that if a dessert looks good then it tastes the opposite. but the main coarses are really goood.
I wore my chile tie yesterday and everyone loves it. i got so many compliments on that tie... so thanks james!
This week was a little sad because me and the other elders in my district {elder checketts, elder palmer, and elder cook} lost our latino friends to the mission field. We met these four latinos from mexico and they were our bros! we saw them everyday and we would talk to them in our broken spanish. It turns out that Dora the explorer in mexico teaches mexicans english, which is the opposite in amercia where it teaches americans spanish. whoda thunk? food for thought. We also got some latinos in our room and i like them alot. i talk about soccer with them. supposedly mexico would kill america at soccer. My rebuttal was that at least we are better than canada. they got a kick outta that. we stay in dorms here while most of the other missionaries here stay in little casas. it has its ups and downs. up, we have our own room. down, hot water is hard to come by...
Exercise time is gold here. i have so much energy and i love to play deportes with my zone. we aren{t allowed to dunk here but i was peer pressured into it. i dunked cleanly with two hands several times. whoops. i just had alot of energy haha. The mormon humor is unreal here. When we play basketball or anything else we tend to narrate it with book of mormon passages. like we pass the ball and someone says "and it came to pass" or someone misses a shot and "and there was a major drought in all the land" or when you make it "and the lord blessed him to conquer because of his exceeding righteousness." haha. its weird what makes you crack up on the mission. I already know that the ccm here is probably way more chill than the provo mtc. we go outside so much and can do alot of stuff. in some ways it alittle like a prison but mostly its pretty great here. }
I love it here alot and I love to meet alot of Elders. We just got a new group in our zone and one is a 6-6 like 300 somethin pound tongan guy. heees awesome! he has the lowest voice ive ever heard and he can down food like no one ive ever seen. hes going to play lineman for a college team in utah somewhere. he always wins in shots. E very morning its tradition to take the probiotic yogurt shots that they serve in the cafeteria. we hold them up and see who can down the shot the fastest haha elder tauteoli always wins although elder x is always a close second. i suck at it. differently a skill that i need to improve on.
Well Im havin fun hear but more importantly learning a hecka ton of stuffs. love you all!
Elder Olsen

MMMMMoooomm i love you and miss you alot! i did get your letter this week and i was expecting more.. but thats okay. getting mail is so much fun. All you have to do is put Elder Jace Olsen in the subject when you email that address and i will get it the next day in the mail printed out. its a really great service. Also, there is another service that allows you to send me packages. not packages from home but packages from mexico. ill explain it, so its like mexico mtc care package something. look it up on the internet. and basically you can buy things in mexico and then have them delivered to me. So alot of missionaries here receive krispy kreme doughnuts from their moms but they are form mexico. or you can send candy and what not. i havnt had a good dessert in eva! you could do that if you want....haha. This week has been really good. that stinks for brad that he couldn{t send pics. tell jackson i love him
love you!
Good to hear from you dad. im kinda jelly that i dont get to use the boat but whatevs. glad you trimmed the cherry tree without me! any job that requires a trip to the dump is not my favorite,....that really bums me out about seriously. oh well. it has to end sometime. glad to hear justine and david are doing really well. ill let you know that my back is doing alot better. the lumbars are still a tiny bit sore to the touch but the swelling is gone. thanks for workin on meh. health wise im doing super well here. i havnt gotten sick yet and the food is really good to my stomach. the water is really clean as well but i still drink from my filtered water bottle. i hope everythings goin well at home. hows the gym? stay fit ya specimen. love ya!
elder olsen
my teachers at the ccm are the bomb. love them to death. i learn so much from them and not just español. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. i laughed so hard about your fish story! cracks me up bro. glad you came around to white collar, but you still have to watch parks and rec or else. i still quote so much here. at lunch i have a bunch of buddies and we quote spongebob on the daily haha. the elders here are sick. you should be a teacher one day. they are inspiring and legit. don{t know if i could live in mexico tho...haha i love you james thanks for emailing me! break jackson up with nicole hahahaha love you
elder olsen


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