February 23, 2016


Mexico City MTC


Elder Checketts

El Primero Semana

"It was the fifth, or sixth, most {bestest week} of my entire life" hahahaha
Hey family! thanks for your emails! This week may have been the second longest week of my life. which is not a bad thing. In just 6 days my spanish has EXPLODED through the roof. obviously i'm not fluent yet but a lot of words that i say now come out in spanish. we had to teach an investigator the message of the restoration IN SPANISH on the first day. they didn't tell us that it wasn't a real investigator so a lot of people freaked out but i'm smarter than that. i knew it was fake haha. we have been trying to focus on the christlike attribute of faith, but more specifically the gift of tongues. anyone who believes in it, is worthy of it, prays for it, and works diligently for it will receive it. I have already been blessed so much to be able to recall most all of the spanish i learned in highschool. my companero elder Checketts and I are both coming along really well with the language. we have the most inspiring teachers here at the ccm {say say emay}. all are latinos. our teacher, hermano gomez pushes us so hard but he is so great. sometimes he stops in the middle of a language lesson and just shares his testimony about missionary work and it flat out freakin inspires me. he is so intune with the spirit! we teach lessons to our "investigator", David, every day. the darn guy just won't accept baptism yet hahahaha. we can't say guys here or dudes and we can't call missionaries by just their last names. it has to be elder or hermana. kinda strict but whatevs brah. Elder Checketts is such a good guy, whoops, ELDER. we are so different in so many ways. he reminds me of Calvin Pingry, but different in his own way. he is a super obedient missionary and just an example to me. we get along super well. we may be so very different in our interests but our standards and desire to be successful missionaries are the same. "his favorite movie, is booooks!" - tom haverford. but for reals tho. Elder checketts is the district leader. our district is so tight. we all get along so well. hermana mcgreggor's brother just served in argentina cordoba and we are both going to chile concepcion south! super weird. everyone in my district is going to chile concepcion south except elder checketts who is going to chile antufagosta. hermana wright is also very cool and elder cook and palmer are the best. So we have two sisters and four elders in our district.
today we were able to go to the temple. it. is. huge. and so awesome. its a great temple. we took an hour long bus trip through mexico city. mexico city is bigger than any other city i have ever seen. it is insane you guys would not believe it. the driving is crazy and there is spray paint everywhere.
The CCM is so cool. the weather is great and the campus is legit. The Mexico CCM is the biggest MTC. 90 acres! they let us do all sorts of stuff outside. the workers and teachers only speak spanish. in any class we are not aloud to use english. the teachers teach spanish in spanish haha. hermano gomez speaks very slow but its still hurts my noggin. if i hadn't taken spanish in high school i don't know what id do. Im so grateful that i have just been able to understand a lot of spanish right of the bat.
I have been playin some basketball also. my zone likes to do everything together for exercise and eating. the zone leaders are studs. its crazy because people who have been in the ccm for just one week before me look so much older to me. our zone leaders look so old but they are younger than me! tomorrow we will welcome new missionaries in our zone and we will look like the old ones haha.
One of my favorite things to do here is talk to the latinos. They are soooo funny. everytime i talk to a big group of them for a long time we end up just laughing our heads off. They make fun of me so much im pretty sure....haha i love it. My spanish improves a lot when I talk with them. They usually don't know any english so its a challenge for me to try to communicate but its so fun!

My first couple days here were honestly pretty rough. I was always so tired, they put us in like 6 hours of straight meetings right off the bat, we did't get gym time until saturday and it was all so overwhelming. its their goal to literally kill you. I really tried to be happy and and keep a smile but i couldn't always. my zone leaders kept telling me, get to sunday. get to pday. my birthday was a hard day. everyone knew it was my birthday and i was trying not to feel depressed. I know that satan was trying so hard to get to my spirit, to get to my happiness. i had been praying to feel happier, to be better off. i was stressed and i wasn't hungry for a lot of meals. on saturday night, i was able to read my birthday letters from james and mom. i feel as if you were both inspired by the spirit because you both said just about the same exact thing. the letters were about being happy and focusing on the positive and the eternal perspective. On sunday, i tried so hard to focus on the spirit and my meetings. I felt the spirit so strongly in sacrament meeting, district meeting, devotional, study time, movie night. Sunday may have been one of the better days of my entire life. monday was even better. Since then, i havn't been tired, Ive been meeting the coolest people, and ive been as happy as ever. and it is all because i KNOW why im here. I miss you and i love you. I want others who also love their families to know that they can live forever with them and be happy forever. I have that knowledge and it makes my life felizes. And I want others to know that they can obtain that as well. Mom, i know that I want my scripture to be 1 Nephi 3 7. And it came to pass that i said unto my father, i will go and do the things that the lord hath commanded, FOR I KNOW that the lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for them, that they may accomplish the things which he hath commanded them. {i hope thats right i forgot mi escrituras}. I am here because of what I know and how important the work is. and it makes me freakin happy.
I love being a missionary. I love looking down at my shirt and seeing that plaque. its so cool. I feel the spirit so much on this campus and i am having a blast. I have never felt closer to Christ in my entire life.
I love you all, keep me in your prayers because i pray for you guys :)
Elder Olsen

ps. if you want to send me mail any time throughout the week,
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