March 25, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Joel Simpson

Week 26

Isaac is no longer in a trio. Elder Miller was emergency transferred (ET) to another companion when a missionary unexpectedly returned home. Once Elder Miller was gone, the AP called later in the week and jokingly told them they had a 3rd ET...phew, just kidding! Isaac liked both his companions in the trio, but prefers just being in a companionship again.

While still a trio, they attempted to serve at the zoo, but were turned away, because they only had a slot available for two people and wouldn't allow the three of them. :( He said their service at the thrift store went well and the workers, who were elderly, were very grateful, especially since they moved three palettes worth of kitty litter. ;)

They had another good week of teaching and are looking forward to the upcoming baptism of Kayla, a fiancé of a returning member.
Chris, who is retired from the Navy, is still being taught. The last time they went he had a table's worth of items prohibited by the Word of Wisdom. However, he has family that are members and he has been liking what they are teaching.

Fun Facts:
There have been some unruly, young neighborhood boys that snuck in the church and broke a window.

His current district has 4 sisters and 2 elders only and it is nicknamed the "sistrict" .

I told Isaac I need a picture, any picture. I jokingly said, "I'll even take a picture of a meal." He laughed and sent me a picture of a pile from the thrift shop that included a breastfeeding poster that said, "Breastfeeding: perfect by nature". My son knows me well. :)


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