March 11, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Haste & Elder Summers

Week 24

Sorry for the delay, but we received a call from Isaac while we were having a family trip in southern New Mexico. Life was busy after getting back from vacation, especially since 7 out 8 of us got a stomach bug. The lucky winner was Caleb, who was the only one not to get sick. ;)

I got the call from Isaac as we entered White Sands National Monument and I enjoyed visiting with him while the children tumbled on the dunes. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to reach us since he knew we were camping so he did write a little:

I'll try to call you later, but can't try right now because I am in a library. A few things:
• I was told last night that I am getting transferred to Bakersfield 1st ward today. It sounds like I will be in another trio. I am packed up and will get dropped off there this evening. You now know about as much about that as I do.
• The highlight of my week was being able to give service to a World War 2 survivor who lived in Germany during the war. She is a woman in her 70s and had us call her Omie, which is grandma in German. We just did some yard work for her. She told us some stories while we were there. Hearing her stories filled me with gratitude for all that I have.
• My appreciation of eternal truths has grown these last few months. One meaningful truth to me is that God is our Heavenly Father and that he cares about each of us intimately. This truth has given me greater purpose and direction in my life as I have come to understand that I am I child of God and that he has a plan for me to find joy in this life and in the life after death. God's entire purpose is to help us find true happiness.


Florence again--
Since I did get to talk to him I learned a few more details about Omie. She is from Croatia and shared some gruesome experiences, such as being traumatized by all the dead bodies in the streets, starvation, and even had a bomb split her home in half, but thankfully it didn't detonate. The Catholic church provided a way for her family to come to America after the war when she was ~12 years old.

Also, about his unexpected transfer--we don't know for sure, but we believe it is because an Elder in the zone had chickenpox and Isaac hasn't had it or been vaccinated for it. He had to make an intimidating call to report to someone in the mission and she puffed, "Another one."


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