February 18, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 21

Hello from Florence!

Did you hear the amazing news announced earlier this week? Missionaries can now call, text, and video home on Pday!! I was overjoyed when I read the news and I cried happy tears multiple times that day. Isaac called us Monday morning and we had a glorious one hour visit. It was so much more relaxed than the Christmas call, because I knew I'd get to do it again soon---no crying for hours afterwards was also a bonus. We had a fantastic time talking and some kids showed Isaac the piano songs they were learning. The kids also showed him their hula hoop skills and we all had a good laugh when Asher (5) used my GIGANTIC hoop. Eleanora (almost 2) was charming and smiling as long as she could plant herself directly in front of the camera, blocking everyone else's view. Isaac might have felt like an ENT with her close-ups. We alternated between that and her throwing a fit when we wouldn't let her hog the iPad. Always entertaining and always making great family memories!

Isaac is doing very well and has his first Taft, California! He is excited for a change, but this is a new area for missionaries, so he's also a little worried. After hanging up, I looked up Taft and "Encyclopedia of Forlorn Places" popped up, among pictures and pictures of oil fields. I've included some pictures I found on the internet. I discovered that Taft has a population of around 9000, has a correctional facility (yay, for possibly more service hours) and the only other interesting tidbit I could find was that the air pollution from North California often gets trapped around Taft creating thick smog. ;) For more pictures and information, go to
So, if you can, please send Isaac a lot of love these next few weeks!

On to better news, Isaac has completed 20% of his mission! If it were a pregnancy he would be more than halfway done. ;)



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