February 11, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 20

Hello Family,

This week we have been able to meet several nice people. Earlier in the week we were able to meet a very friendly man named Key. He was born in Vietnam and grew up Buddhist, but later converted to Christianity. He tries to share his beliefs with others and so was curious about how we go about sharing our beliefs. He invited us in and we had a long conversation with him and his wife (they did most of the talking). :) He asked us for our explanation as to why our church is true and we explained the first vision to him. I shared my testimony of how I have come to know what I know. They did not believe that Joseph Smith could be a prophet, but they were so respectful about our beliefs. The kindness they showed us even though they did not have our beliefs filled me with a greater desire to show respect to other's beliefs.

We also met a family Saturday while street contacting and were able to meet with them yesterday to teach them. The name of the mother is Carla and she has four teenage boys. She is originally from Portugal. We were able to teach them about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we will be going back this Saturday to share more. The family does seem interested, but they were kind of shy which made it harder to tell.

We will be getting transfer calls this Saturday and so I am anticipating that. I have been in Snow area for three transfers now and so I would be excited to go to another area, but I would also enjoy to continue in my current area.

Serving at the library was nice. We shelved books for about 2 hours and it was harder than I expected to find the right places for the books. The library is pretty big, it has four levels, it is not be as big as the one in Billerica, though I cannot remember that one very well. We were also shown how to use microfilm.

Elder Parker


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