January 28, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 18

I am at a zone activity and will email later today.
Love, love, love you

Hello Family,

Thank you for your email and pictures. I enjoyed reading the journal entries. That snow storm looked pretty exciting. You all look so handsome and cute. I am sorry you have been sick. I have been healthy, which has been a real blessing.

Today we had a zone activity and I enjoyed it. We had a gathering with food and then we played capture the flag. The missionaries in the zone are super nice. The zone leaders after each activity go around and give all the Elders a hug and it is just a nice group.

I am still getting along well with Elder Summers. He has been working on an application for BYU-I the last couple Pdays. He will be getting home a little before the fall semester starts there. He lives in Rexburg, if I have not told you already.

It is hard for me to have the faith sometimes that my missionary efforts will make a difference, especially when most people are not interested in what we have to say. I find what we learn in Alma chapter 32 about growing our faith encouraging though. In Alma 32:17 we learn that even if we have no more than a desire to believe than that is a place to start. Then if we let this desire grow it can become real faith. I want to grow my faith in Christ and in the the strength he can bring into our lives for good.

My goal of bearing a meaningful testimony once per day did not work out as I planned. I definitely bore testimony, but I would like to do it more. I will try to do it again this week.

Elder Parker


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