January 21, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 17

Dear Family,

Do you know where the satellite was launched from? Because something was launched Saturday morning and we saw the smoke trail from it. [He didn't see Peter's satellite, but a surveillance one. ]

I had exchanges this last week with our district leader. Our district leader is a nice guy and I like him. We go on exchanges each transfer to learn from each other and see how other people do things. I like the variety it brings, though some people dislike them because it changes the normal routine and schedule.

I got to see the lunar eclipse which was pretty cool. We had a zone conference this last week. The people who volunteered to make food for the zone conference had a problem come up and could not make the food that they were planning on. So we were fed Little Caesar's instead. We weren't disappointed by that, but Sister Layton probably was a little because she is concerned about us eating healthy.

This week was good. We taught Sarah this week and we set a goal with her to be baptized on February 16. She wants to be baptized but her family situation is difficult. Her guardian seems fine with her being baptized, but still might not be the most supportive. Her Great Aunt is the one who takes her to church meetings, activities, and arranges for us to meet. So we will be running the situation by President Layton, who will decide whether she should be baptized or not, because we don't want her to be baptized and not have any support from others. We will see what happens there.

We had a lesson with someone this week who was friendly and curious, but that was about it. She was a teenage girl who was a devout Catholic and she said that she was working on her confirmation (I'm not sure how it works in the Catholic church).

I am learning a lot. For some reason I thought pretty soon after leaving to California I would magically learn to talk with others with ease. Not quite how it works out. One of the things we are challenged to do is to talk with as many people as we can. Figuring out how to begin talking with people is a challenge, but something that just requires practice. Elder Summers and I decided to share a meaningful testimony at least once per day to help us grow our testimonies and share something with others. I have often not realized how the knowledge we have that has been revealed to us through prophets in all ages affects our lives and helps us find peace and direction. Knowledge that we can repent and be forgiven from our sins and that they will not be remembered by God is something that is reassuring. Knowledge that our families can return to live with God as a family is also amazing. I am grateful for these truths.

I few weeks ago we were talking with someone and the conversation turned to marriage. He advised us to buy the toys and go the places we want to go before marriage, because having a family uses up your time and money. I am glad for the importance of family that we teach in the church. I am glad I was born when I was, and in this family.

Elder Parker

PS-I have received a few emails from others, mainly Grandma and Papaw. I was able to open the recipes, thank you. I am trying to vary my diet a bit. I would like you to forward cousin/ ward missionary letters to me. Thanks a lot.


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