January 14, 2019


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 16

Hello family,

Thanks for sending me the recipes and Joey's testimony. I am glad you liked the card. After transfers this last week our apartment is still the same, except for Elder Gray who came in and Elder Laird who left for another area. Elder Gray is from Roy, Utah and likes to cook. He has been out a transfer longer than I have. He is companions with Elder Lee and is friendly and easy to get along with.

The mission received a visit from President M. Russell Ballard, Elder Clayton, and a couple other church authorities that were in the area yesterday. The whole mission (about 170 missionaries) met at a church building. There we took a mission picture with President Ballard. I do not know if I will actually be seen in the picture because of the tall person in front of me. Then we got to hear some thoughts from Him. I enjoyed hearing him speak. He shared some of His experiences as a missionary in England and a mission president in Toronto, Canada. It was a special experience that does not come often.

Other than that the week was pretty normal. We knocked doors and taught a lesson. A fourteen year old boy we have taught a few times has decided not to be baptized because there are "too many rules". So that is disappointing.

I have kind of been deferring to the other more experienced missionaries to take the lead with a lot of things, but I am learning to take a more active part in what we do now.

Thank you for sending the candy and the list of things you like about me. I really appreciated getting that. The key chains you sent were very nice and I like them. I have a picture of the church building we meet at and a picture of the Christmas tree that you sent to me.

I love you so much,
Elder Parker


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