December 12, 2018


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 11

Today has been a crazy day, good to be at the temple, but hard to write you guys.

I love the emails you send and hearing how you are doing.
I liked the tree you sent me. It adds some decoration to the apartment. The rice cooker has arrived. I have not picked up the crock pot yet. I will check when I get back.

I have not been eating ramen, though my companion is. ;) However, I have had many pb&js, haha. I will try my best to make healthy meals though and to use the rice cooker and crock pot. [His mission has a rule that missionaries have to make their own dinners rather than go to a member's home.]

My week has been good. I enjoyed being at the temple today.

Elder Summers and I are getting along well. He is pretty calm about starting to talk with others, which helps me not be too anxious. He is allergic to cats so we are not serving at the cat place.

I have done more door knocking this transfer than I did last transfer. My last companion preferred street contacting to door knocking and so we did not knock tons of doors.

Elders Summers does not mind knocking doors so we have done more of that. Most people are friendly, but are not interested in what we have to say. It is tough deciding what to say when beginning to talk with others sometimes, but I am getting practice. This last week I had a dream where I was tracting. I guess that is what I have been doing for a while now.

We had a funny door contact during the week. At the door we introduced ourselves and asked whether the person had spoken with missionaries before. She said that she had, so we asked how that had gone in the past. She responded with something like, "Kind of awkward, like it is right now." Haha, I was thinking, "You understand how I feel."

My companion shared with me afterwards, something that you have shared with me before, "It is only awkward if you make it awkward."

We taught a couple people this week. The lessons went well. I am comfortable with my own understanding of the doctrine we teach, however teaching it in a way so that others can understand is the trick.

I love you all very much and miss you.

Elder Parker


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