December 3, 2018


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Garett Summers

Week 10

Elder Summers is super nice. He is from Rexburg. He had previously been serving in the San Fernando mission but that was split 6 months ago and Elder Summers was sent to this mission. He has been out a bit over a year. He enjoys ballroom dancing, reading, and weight lifting. He has an older brother and 2 younger siblings.

I am feeling good about being here, but that does not mean I haven't thought "what am I doing here?!" :) Because I am still in the same area and Elder Summers is new to the area, I have had to take the lead more this week in what we do. This has been a little stressful. I was feeling a little discouraged earlier in the week feeling like I did not know what I was doing.

Doing missionary work has been pushing me out of my comfort zone. Trying to talk with everyone we can is a good challenge. Knocking on doors of people I do not know is also a good challenge. Every missionary has a different approach to talking with those we run into during the day. How did you adjust to tracting on your mission Dad?

This week we had rain and from how people are talking this is the most rain we will have all year. haha. One evening we were out and the rain came down harder than it had all week and I got pretty wet. It was a little cold that evening, but the member we were having dinner with that night lent me a dry coat to wear. That was super nice of him.

Though this week was more difficult than previous weeks I have felt better as I have thought about how it does not matter how good or bad I feel I am doing, but that I should focus on Christ and do my best.

I love that we teach that God is our loving Heavenly Father. That God is not some mysterious diety who would not want to associate with us, but that he wants us to talk with him. He wants to communicate with us.

Elder Parker

Answers to my plethora of questions:
Two days ago we met a really nice guy. He was not interested in getting taught, but he asked us a lot of questions about how serving a mission works. We taught 1 lesson this week. We still volunteer at the cat place each week.

I would like a cap, it gets a little chilly in the evenings. We are just beginning to transition now to not having member dinners. I am not sure of all the details about it yet though. We will have a lot more time to work during evenings now, which is good, but will be an adjustment. Could I get some recipes and a rice cooker?

For study I mostly use the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel. I don't need any new study supplies.

It has not been too smokey from the fires.

I do the exercises from the workout app we can use. I enjoy the exercise. Could I have the workout booklet we bought before I left?

We do our shopping at Walmart and Winco. I have enough to buy things I need other than food.

For activities I have done frisbee golf, basketball and mafia. I have played the piano in church for priesthood opening exercises a few times. I have not played piano much though.

Thanks Dad for the email you sent me. It encouraged me.

I love you all so much!


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