November 12, 2018


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Micah Pixton

Week 7


This week I got to go on two companion exchanges where I had another companion for a day. I enjoyed seeing how other missionaries like to work. One of the exchanges I went on I got to go to a poorer area of Bakersfield, called Oildale. There were a lot more people outside there than my usual area and so I got to talk to more people. One person we met wanted to take a sketch of us, so we let him. I'll send you a picture of the sketch later.

We have not found another service opportunity, though this last week we got to shovel rocks to landscape one of the churches here.

I will be giving a talk in sacrament meeting next week. I have not got the exact topic yet but it will have something to do with music.

My companion has read the mistborn series and had really enjoyed it. Josiah did a good job explaining those book to me. You can tell Josiah that I got to talk with Elder Pixton about tin, iron, and steel and what the powers of those metals are in mistborn. LOL.

A lot of the communication between the missionaries is done through messenger. I am still not sure how to really use it yet. I have been told that if we use Facebook it should be to help fulfill our missionary purpose. By the way at the MTC we talked a lot about our missionary purpose which is to:
Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them
Receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ through
Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement
Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and
Enduring to the End

The three people we are teaching are all teenagers and this is causing me to really consider if the gospel of Christ is what is really going to help these people. As I have studied the scriptures though I am feeling more sure that the gospel of Jesus Christ is what can bring us peace in life and eventually be able to return to live with God. I realize that my life has truly been blessed by the gospel and I am thankful for it.

I am doing well, evenings are still tough though, but that is to be expected. It is actually getting into the 50s when is gets dark so I have started to wear my sweater.

Elder Parker

[In response to some of my emails]
Thanks for sharing those with me-- I liked them. You are a great writer and speaker. I love how you have the courage to share a part of your self.
I really loved this email as well! You just keep sending me awesome stuff. I guess I'll have to pick up my email game :) [I'll settle for more pictures. ;)]


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