November 5, 2018


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Micah Pixton

Week 6


For Halloween we had to be in our apartment by six. We then did weekly planning. After we were done with that we played cards. For not Trick or Treating we got a good amount of candy. [That night,] one of our neighbors said, "Hi, Mormons. Do you want some candy?" We said sure and she gave us some Reese's. And then said, "Just don't make me read your book". Haha. Several members offered us candy and we got a pretty good amount. Though not 11 pounds worth! [That's how much we got]

My companion is looking forward to going home. He says that there is something wrong if you are away from home for 2 years and are not excited about returning. [Peter had written Isaac, "My trainer was also on his last transfer when I came out — and he was freaking out about going home. He kept trying to extend his mission, but the mission president had already let him extend by one month (I think he was afraid of making life decisions — and afraid of girls). He was great during that time though.]

Adjusting to mission life is not too bad because the days are very similar to each other. It has not been too difficult, yet a lot of which has to do with having a great companion. With how these few weeks have gone I think who my companion is will play a large part in how hard or easy different parts of this mission will go. The hardest part about my days is the time after dark until we go back to the apartment. Very few people are out after dark. The area where most people live is in an area about 3 miles by 3 miles big. The area is much bigger but very few people live outside the 3 by 3 mile chunk.

Whenever we back up our car, someone has to be out of the car backing the car out. Because of this, many missionaries look for "celestial parking", parking spots you don't need to back out from. On our P-days so far we have played basketball and mafia.

My days are mostly just the same routine and may not seem exciting, but I am enjoying it here. I got to attend a baptism this week for a 9-10 year old girl and I got to witness. Elder Lee and Elder Marshman, the elders I live with, taught her. The girl and her family showed up about 2 minutes before the baptism was scheduled to begin, which made us all a little uncomfortable, because we were not sure if they were going to come.

By the way, thanks for the birthday cards. I loved getting them. The oragami money was pretty cool.
The first two weeks here we actually served at a place that gave horse rides to disabled persons. We scooped poop from their pastures and swept the horses stalls. We did work around the horses and I felt comfortable with that. The missionaries in this area have served at this place for a while now and we were continuing the tradition. However, the original missionaries who began serving there did not gain approval from the mission to do it and I did not know this. Because last week the mission president found out we were serving there and told us to stop, because they did not want us working around horses. Probably a smart thing. [I asked how the stables took the news they wouldn't be able to help them anymore] Very well. Sister Layton gave us a gift bag to bring to them and we wrote a card for them and dropped it off.
We are now serving at a cat sanctuary for a couple hours per week. The manager for the place said that they are not a shelter but a sanctuary. I was expecting cats put in small cages but the cats have a good amount of living space and are well cared for. That is a good idea about looking for service opportunities. Thanks for the suggestions.

[I asked where he wrote his letters] Both computer and phone. I try to do the bulk of it on a computer at a family history center at one of the church buildings.
[I asked about money & clothes] Money here does not seem like it will be an issue for me. My clothes are fine and I am comfortable in them. I hope you feel better soon.

I love hearing all the details about how things are going at home. I hope you are doing well. I love you all lots.

Elder Parker


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