October 22, 2018


Bakersfield, CA (West)


Elder Micah Pixton

Week 4

I am serving in an area in Bakersfield (address below). The area is pretty well off and neighborhoods don't seem poor. My companion is Elder Pixton. He is a nice guy and we have several similarities. He was homeschooled during his high school years and enjoys Ticket to Ride and Dominion as well. This is his last transfer. I am sharing an apartment with another companionship as well. This is nice having more Elders to spend time with. They are nice as well. We share the car between the two companionships.

President Layton and Sister Layton are kind and seem understanding. I have a good feeling about them.

I am excited to learn how to be a missionary. The ward we are serving in is very nice. The ward mission leader is a good man. We have had dinner at someones everyday, except for one day when the food was brought to us at the apartment.

I am enjoying spending all day with Elder Pixton, it has not been very hard in that aspect yet. The yards around here have very short cut grass that makes me think of golf and there are many palm trees. There are also pine trees though, which creates a cool contrast between tropical and temperate climates.

The missionary schedule is not as rigid as I thought it would be. I wake up at 6:30 am and then have to prepare for the day, eat breakfast, study personally for an hour, and have 30 minutes of daily planning. I have to do all that before 10 am, but my companion and I can work out the order in which we do it. When we leave the apartment we usually drive to a neighborhood, park the car and then walk around for an hour or 2. When we walk around in the neighborhoods there are not many people walking around so we do not talk to many people. We knock on doors of people where previous missionaries have marked as people who would be potentially interested in what we have to say. Usually people don't answer the door, or are not home. When people do answer the door they usually talk to us through their screen door.

I have already met a few pretty amazing people. One was baptized a few weeks ago and is an immigrant from Nigeria. She left Nigeria two years ago. She said she was scared her first time at church because she was the only African American in the congregation. Two others are sibling that are living in foster care, or were ( I'm not sure) and Elder Pixton and I have the privilege of teaching them. They are not members. I have not felt overwhelmed with what we have been doing so far.

There is a pond by our apartment. Thank you for the packages, I got two. Thanks for telling me how things are going at home. I will talk with you next Monday.

Elder Parker

Current address:
8333 White Squall Ln #1
Bakersfield, CA 93312


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