September 29, 2018


Provo, UT MTC


Elder Ridge Bennett

Week 1

When I arrived at the MTC the missionary picking me up in the parking garage said, "Hi mate" with an Austrailian accent. I gave Grandma and Grandpa a hug and was on my way. I was quite nervous when I arrived, but these feeling left when I walked in one of the buildings on campus.

The MTC is like a college campus where everybody wears name tags and goes to gospel classes all day. It has been both overwhelming and uplifting. I am glad to be here, but I miss you guys. My companion is nice. He is very friendly and can talk a lot. It has not been very hard with my companion yet, though spending all day with someone is an adjustment.

The MTC has been a learning experience for all. An elder in my district just learned today that chickens lay brown eggs too! I am staying in a room with 5 other elders and we are getting along good.

I have a lot going through my head and it is hard to organize my thoughts. Feel free to ask questions about anything you want to know. Today is my pday by the way. From my understanding I can still email you later today as well, I did not hear any rules about it yet.


My companion is Elder Bennet. He is from Utah and he has a girlfriend back home. He is going to Bakersfield as well. 6 people live in the bunk room I am in. 4 of us are going to Bakersfield.

I tweaked my ankle last night playing volleyball when I landed on someone's foot. It was mild but I talked to the medical person at the gym and got an ice bag for it. I am walking fine on it today though it is tender. I just need to be more careful.
I can recieve videos. I won't have any time to email more this evening. Pday ends at six.

Elder Parker


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