July 22, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Bingham

The Laaaaassst email

Well the last email I tried to send only went to one person LOL! So here you go everyone else!

This is officially the very last weekly email! 
I cannot believe that it is coming to an end.  This has been the greatest experience of my life! I have loved being defending my faith and helping others come unto Christ!
To finish my mission off strong Mother Nature decided to make things a little difficult on us.  The temperature were in the Mid to upper 90s all week, but not only that but the humidity made it feel close to 110 degrees.  We would walk outside and instantly we would be sweating! Because of this many people took pity on us and allowed us to talk to them.
Friday was one of the hottest days.  We spent all day grinding away.  Towards the end of the day we were making a few phone calls and doing some tasks in the car when I saw a lady pushing her stroller down the street.  At first I didn't think much of it and continued to do some more tasks.  Then she walked past again.  I instantly had an impression that we need to get out and talk to her.  So we did!At the moment we weren't parked in a parking spot, so we had to hurry down the street to park somewhere else.  When we finally found a spot we jumped out of the car and began to look for the lady.  We must of searched for close to 30 minutes with no success. After a little bit we saw a lady coming out of her apartment complex and hurrying with a bunch of laundry to her car.  She was walking much faster than us, but I turned to my companion and said, "Do you think we can run her down?"  He looked at me like, "Man you are a weirdo." We picked up our pace close to a trot.  We then recognized that she was going to make it to her car before we got to her so we started into a gallup and as we did we called out to her. She quickly turned around and said, "Hi"  She was about to get into her car when I pulled out a card and gave it to her. This slowed her down and she began to examine it as we caught our breathe and introduced ourselves.  I noticed she was looking at the back of the card, which had an ad for a Free Book of Mormon, so I asked if she had ever heard of it.  She respond with a shy no.  Then out of no where she exclaimed, "No way I can a free one if I call this number!" I excitedly said, "Yes, or I can give you one right now!"  She took the book and promised to read before we came back!
I love contacts like that! Were God leads us on a wild goose chase just to get us to someone who is actually looking for the Gospel! I think I say this every time... But just for old time sakes... I know this is Gods work!  If a person like me is able to go out and share the most important message in the history of the world, to the world, and have the joy and success that I have seen then there really has to be divine intervention!  There is no way that a scared 20 year old could ever be able to help with the gathering of scattered israel in the eyes of the world! But God doesn't care what the world thinks! He is just as concerned about exalting gathered Israel as he is with gathering Scattered Israel and that's why inadequate 20 year olds are teaching his gospel! I know that this Gospel is true! I know that people are imperfect, but through the Atonement and Gods grace we can be cleansed from our imperfections.  Joseph Smith must have had similar inadequacies about starting the Lords church at such a young age, but again this is Gods work and it cannot be frustrated! I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet called if God!  The Book of Mormon is the Word of God.  It teaches and testifies of Christ and teaches the Doctrine of Christ more clearly than anyone or anything! There is a power in that Book and I know it is true!These have been the best 2 years!
Love you all, but I am really excited to not have to type these anymore... It will be much better to see you in person anyways!
Elder Johnson


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