July 15, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Bingham

Can't wait until I don't have to send anymore of these... Lol

This week was amazing!!!
Last Monday we were walking around in Eaton and we saw 2 people sitting on a curb. We walked up to them and began talking. They expressed appreciation for what we did, but said they were not interested. As we continued to talk I noticed a large man walking towards us. I figured he knew the people we were talking to so I began to introduce myself. He quickly cut me off and asked the 2 that were sitting on the curb if they were Christians, which they replied that they were. He then said, "well why in the world are you talking to these guys" (not as nice language was used...)I was a little caught off guard and couldn't hold myself from laughing, so I let out a loud laugh and said, excuse me. We then walked away as he was cussing us out. We on the other hand departed from him rejoicing that we were counted worthy to suffer shame for Christ's name.  If only people knew the importance of this message that we share. About 30 minutes later we saw a guy working in his shed in the yard.  I hollered out to him wondering if he needed any help.  He politely declined, and after a few minutes of talking he asked who we were and what we did.  We gladly explained that we were called and set apart to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We then proceeded to talk to him about how this message was nothing like what he has ever heard.  It would be a message that is life changing.  He was intrigued and then asked, "Well if that's the case how do you know its true?"I love when people ask those questions! My companion and I were able to bare our testimonies to him about how we received our witness. He thought it was interesting and then said, 'I want to believe there is a God, but I have so many questions that no one has been able to answer.  I can't take the 'you have to have faith answer' I don't want a sign, I just want answers."  I could almost hear his soul crying out, "Help me I want it all to be true, but I am afraid."  I was extremely excited to see how we could help!  We explained to him that we may not have all the answers, but we could lead him to a few places that he might find them.  He thought that was a great idea.  I then said, "Just curious what are some of your questions." He respond with a question, which I don't remember right now.  When I heard the question I knew it was sincere, so I asked if I could take a stab at it.  He agreed.I then said a quick prayer asking God to help the spirit give me the words to say and then I spoke.  I have no idea what I said, all I know is that the guy said it was the first thing that someone had said about that question that made sense. He agreed to have us over sometime to teach him about our beliefs.
If we would of be down on ourselves after our first contact with the big mean guy then we would of never had the courage to talk with this guy who was very open.  The adversary wanted us to feel sorry for ourselves, but because we didn't we were able to be led to someone else that was open.
Last night we got to our apartment about 30 minutes before our curfew.  We sat in the car for a couple seconds and asked ourselves what we wanted to do.  We both decided to forgo companionship study and see if we could talk to anyone!
As we were walking past a baseball field we saw 2 people who seemed to be staggering back and forth,  Obviously drunk! They crossed the street not even seeing that we were there.  I think I frightened one of them when I asked if they wanted to talk.  Despite their lack of soberness and being frightened they stopped and talked with us.  We quickly realized that one of them was really drunk and the other was just a little weird. The "weird one" told us about how the drunk one showed up at his door yesterday almost passed out.  He felt sorry for him and took him to church the next day.  This led to them asking what church we were from. We told them.  The weird one (who we will now call Levi so I don't have to keep typing "the weird one") began to open up telling us that the church he went to believes that they were the only church that was true and all the other people that weren't apart of that church were not children of God.  He told us that he couldn't buy that.  We were able to briefly explain how Christ church was lost for centuries and many good churches with good beliefs began to pop up, but they were missing the priesthood.  We told him that we believed the priesthood had been restored to the earth today.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he asked how we don't know that the Book was from Satan (It was a sincere question, despite the harsh language)  We were able to testify of Moroni's promises about how whoever reads the Book of Mormon with a sincere heart and with real intent will receive an answer through the Holy Ghost.  Levi really liked this and the other guy had no idea what was going on. After we left we walked past an older lady outside scooping dirt.  I told her that her garden looked really good and asked if she needed any help.  She said, "Thank you, but today I am not working on my garden.  My cat died this morning.  I would really enjoy some help "We graciously piled dirt for her as we talked about the life of Belle.  She was very appreciative of our service.It was a great way to end the great week!
I love being a missionary and serving the people of Ohio.  Even though most of them are super crazy I have grown to love them.  I am a little afraid I may not know how to communicate with normal people when I get home! I know that this is Gods work!  I know Jesus is the Christ.  I have felt the joy of his Atonement.  That joy has carried me throughout my mission and I hope throughout the remainder of my life!
Love you all! Elder Johnson


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