July 8, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Bingham

Happy 4th

Happy independence day this last week to everyone! This week was full of meetings and they all were great!  The first meeting was with our new mission president and his wife.  They are from Sandy Utah.  They are very personable and loving! They are going to be great! This week I went on an exchange with a Spanish Elder in Dayton. Dayton is a very run down city.  Supposedly it is the drug capital of the Midwest, but I have no way of verifying that.  While I was on the exchange we heard at least 2 gun shots though.  So that was interesting. During this exchange I wasn't able to do a whole lot of teaching because God didn't give me the gift of tongues yet. (Props to all of my foreign speaking buddies out there! Speaking a different language definitely takes a lot of trust in God.)  But I was able to do a lot of contacting on the street. Because there are so many people that live in Dayton, most of them have never talked to missionaries, which is very different from the area I am serving!  Because of this many people were very interested in our beliefs.  I am always amazed by the power of the Book of Mormon.  Even just casually explaining what it is brings the spirit so strongly. At the beginning of this exchanges we saw a couple of guys sitting on the front porch.  One of them quickly recognized that we were approaching them and hurried inside.  The other stood his ground. We called out to him and began to ask how he was doing.  He quickly told us that he had been saved.  We exclaimed that was amazing that he had a strong belief in God and then introduced the Book of Mormon. Surprisingly he had never heard of the Book of Mormon and asked us to explain more.  We told him how the book was evidence of Gods love.  We testified that God loves all of his children and is inviting each one of them to come unto him. He seemed very intrigued and accepted a copy.  He then told us that he used to be a muslim and didn't believe in Christ but because of experiences he has had in the past with Christ he is now a believer.
I am so grateful for the experiences I have with Christ.  I know that he lives! I know that his church and his priesthood is upon the earth.  He leads and guides the church through modern prophets.  He is the savior and redeemer of the world.  Each of us can have an experience with his atonement by coming unto him and relying upon his teaching and repenting of our sins. I have felt to sing the song of redeeming love on my mission and before.  His atonement is personal to me and I know his promises are real!
Love you all! Elder Johnson


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