April 29, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Edwardson


So a couple weeks ago we got an email from the Columbus temple President. The email was copied from a conversation between him and George.
George, some how got his email and asked the temple President how to join the church.

A couple days later we called, texted, texted and then stopped by, but nothing.
Then we got a call from him saying sorry that he hadn't gotten back to us. We stopped by the next day.
During the lesson we asked what caught his attention about the church.
He told us about how he was traveling to Nevada to go find gold. On his way there they passed through Utah where they stopped into the temple and met missionaries. The missionaries taught him the restoration and invited him to pray about it.
During his adventure looking for Gold he found himself a small cave and went inside by himself. He knelt down and prayed asking God if what the missionaries had said was true. When he did this he immediately knew it was all true.
He went home and began to do a ton of research on the Mormons.
When he said this I became skeptical and decided to tell him about and His response was "I've been to both of them. On it said I needed a MRN." We told him that he could access everything without one. Then he said, "I can't buy the Garments without one."
So we then had to explain garments! Lol

We invited him to church for Easter, but he slept in. The next lesson we focused on him coming to church, which he did. (A little later but that's okay.) He also came to both baptisms.

He came to church about 30 minutes late. He told us that so many things had gone wrong that he almost didn't come, but he was glad he did!


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