June 10, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Walker

I made a lot of bacon this week

Wow another great week!  I didn't think that I could possibly have this many great weeks in my entire life let alone my mission!  I love being here in Ohio serving the people here.
Lately we have been struggling finding people to teach. (Wonder how many times you have heard that line in a weekly email before). On average we talk to about 20-25 people a day. Of those people 15-17 have already talked to missionaries before and are not interested in learning more. It seems like everyone has talked with us. This week in district council an elder gave a training on talking to people. It was well prepared and gave me a ton of motivation to take an interest in people's lives. After that training Elder Walker and I were determined to find people that we could at least get to know more. This lead to so many miracles throughout the week! Every time we got someone talking about themselves, they would always turn it to us and ask us what we were doing! #ItJustWorks Sunday night Elder Walker had to go to the church to finish some online training. It took longer than expected, but once we finished we were ready to hit the pavement and start talking to people. We rode our bikes up and down the roads. Weaving in and out of the side streets just looking for the people God had prepared for us to talk to. Towards the end of the night we began to approach a young family outside.  The little girl was standing in the middle of the sidewalk ALMOST telling me to stop and talk to her parents. So I did. We found out that this family had just gotten back from Florida for vacation. We started some small talk about their vacation, but it was quickly interrupted by the little girl, who said, "Who are you guys?" We gladly told her that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and we share the greatest message ever!! The little girl perked up and looked at her mom. Then said, "remember us talking about Jesus on our trip?"The mom then told us about how while on the trip they were talking about how they needed to go back to church. We set up an appointment for Friday and they are super excited for us to come back! Keep them in your prayers!
Also transfers were this week and I will be staying in Eaton but receiving Elder Bingham.


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