June 3, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Walker

Helping Hands

Hey everyone it was another solid week this week! I'll jump right into a cool experience I had!

I follow the teaching record of George Scholl from Eatgate on our area book app. That way I am able to see how he is progressing. I noticed that the elders were having a hard time getting in contact with him so I had an impression that told me that I needed to reach out. I did by emailing him and he emailed back shortly after telling me he hadn't met with the missionaries in a bit because he had broken his foot and had been on a fishing trip. He also mentioned that he was really nervous about coming back to church.

The next day I asked President Welch if I could call the Elders and give them an update about him and he said yes. Supposedly a little bit after I sent that email the Elders in Eastgate got a call from George asking them to come back and meet with him. They set up an appointment for Thursday. Later I read about their teaching appointment.

They had planned to set a baptismal date for June 22nd, but when George said, "I know that I am going to have to push my date back again, but I am still really excited for it" they decided to invite him to be baptized on June 15th! He came to church this last week as well!

Since then they have taught the Word of Wisdom, which I thought would be a hard one for him to be able to keep, but because of his desire to be baptized he gave up everything holding him back from baptism within a week!

Keep George in your prayers!

This week elder Walker and I were able to be apart of the helping hands clean up crew in the Dayton area!

As we helped these people with all the debris my mind was filled with how blessed I am! It really put into perspective what is most important in life!

I couldn't help but think about how I could purchase a house one day, then the next it could be completely flattened. (Which happened to a few people I talked to while doing service.)

The Tornado was not far from where I am staying. We were in our apartment watching the lightning storm. The wind was howling. Then in the matter of seconds everything was calm and we heard the siren warning everyone that the Tornado had touched down.

Elder Walker and I gathered a few things and went to our safe place.

I thought it was interesting that here we were in a nice cozy apartment with so many "THINGS" and the only "things" I brought into the safe place was my journal, my scriptures, and a pair of shoes. There were so many other things that I could of taken, but in my mind those were the most important!

I am grateful for the lesson I was able to learn through this scary experience! Please also pray for the people here in Dayton! Many of which will never be back in there homes!

Love y'all!

Elder Johnson


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