May 28, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Walker

The Sky is Tweakin'

Well Ohio got drilled by a Tornado last night so that's pretty exciting.  I am safe and our little town didn't even get hit.  About 15 minutes north took it hard though.  I'm writing on Tuesday because the mission thought it would be a good idea to proselyte on Memorial day because families are together and more people are home.
This week we spent a lot of time doing service again.  (I am pretty sure that someone let the cat out of the bag and told the whole ward that we are willing to do service, so now we get calls on the daily asking for help... Lol) Saturday we had planned to help a Less active member move a few things to their basement.  We figured it would take maybe an hour to finish it.  Then afterwards we go do some proslying right before our next service project that we thought would take about 2 hours. We pulled up to the Less Actives house and knocked on the door.  After a few more knocks they finally came to the door all dressed up in his Pajamas.  He looked at us like he didn't know what we were doing here, but let us in. We sat in his kitchen for about an hour while he got ready for the day.  Then he finally came back out and said, "Elders, we aren't ready to move the stuff yet." Then they insisted that we stay for lunch which took awhile to cook.  We ended up leaving after about 2.5 hours. We then raced off to the next place to do service, where a similar thing happened.  Only this time he over estimated the amount of work.  It felt so good to be out serving and helping people. Then after dinner we had a ward meeting with the Ward mission leader.  When we finally finished that we headed back to our area to start proselyting. After all that had happened that day I was super excited to hit the pavement with my white shirt and tie on again.  I had more motivation to share the gospel then ever before.  The only issue was, I didn't have much time.  It was 8:45 by the time we finally got out to work.  I was a little discouraged by the lack of time but I knew God could and would provide a way to find someone that we needed to talk to. After about 5 Minutes of not seeing a single person I was upset and decided to say a prayer.  I silently petitioned God telling Him that if He placed someone in my path I would go out of my way to talk to them. No longer that 5 seconds after I said Amen we turned a corner and found a family on their porch.  They were about 6 beers in and didn't really know what was going on. Because of my commitment to God I began a conversation with them.  We found out that one of them wasn't drinking and she told us that we could come back. As we began to walk away I whispered to my companion, "Miracle".  Right when I said that I jumped because they yelled at us and asked if we wanted water! After we got the water we talked to another family outside who said they weren't interested.  Then we noticed someone moving and we offered to help, but they declined.  After which we began to walk back to our car.  As we were doing this I saw another lady down a different street.  We decided to take a detour and talk to her.  She wasn't interested either.  We continued our trek back to the car when out of no where a man came up from behind us and said, "I am going through a really hard time can we pray." I was one of the people who said they weren't interested.  He ran after us knowing that he needed to pray with us. All of this happened in less that 15 minutes.  There were more people outside in that short 15 minutes than I had ever seen in the entire town of Eaton!  I knew God had provided me and my companion with opportunities to share the gospel in that short amount of time. I believe that if we didn't say that prayer than we wouldn't of been able to talk to so many people and witnessed those miracles.  It felt rejuvenating to know that God does care about our small needs!
I also found out that Brennan from Eastgate got the Aaronic Priesthood and will be going to the temple soon. Elaina from Eastgate finally accepted a baptismal date for July 6th so keep her in your prayers!
Love you all!
Elder Johnson


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