May 13, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Walker

"This that and the other" (Ohioan Slang)

Pretty good week this week. The bishop has been sending us to some less active members to visit. Most of the time the house is evicted or the address doesn't exist but on the rare occasion we meet the person we usually have a pretty good conversation. This week we were in a little town called New Paris Ohio.  It right on the border in Ohio and Indiana and interestingly enough it is about 30 minutes away from New Castle where I spent 6 months of my mission. That's beside the point though.  While we were in the New Paris we were looking for a less active member that bishop had sent us to visit. The guys name was Jordan.  We walked down his street until we finally got to his house.  We knocked on his wide open door and hollered, "Anyone home?" An older lady hobbled to the door and asked us what we needed. We told her that we were messengers of Jesus Christ and we were looking for our lost sheep.  We then asked her if Jordan lived there.  She proceeded to tell us that she had moved in just recently and didn't know where the previous owner went. We told her that we completely understood and then asked if she would be open to us coming by and sharing a message about the Restoration of Christ Church.  She began to cry and replied that she would love that, but now wasn't a good time.  We asked her if we could be of any assistance to here and she mumble, "No honey, just pray for me". I was instantly impressed that we needed to offer to pray for her right then and there.  She accepted the offer and I prayed.  I had a distinct impression to bless her with the knowledge that she will be able to see her loved ones again. After the prayer she completely opened up to us and told us all about how her husband had passed away a couple years ago.  She told us that his birthday and mothers day were the 2 days that she though about him the most.  She told us how much she appreciated the prayer and was excited for us to come back. Before we left she told us that her neighbor was also going through somethings and that we should stop by and talk with her.  So we did. We ran into her on her sidewalk.  We began to talk to her and found out that she is a member (Not the member we were looking for though.)  She told us that Mothers Day was also a hard holiday for her because she had her kids taken away from her when she was younger and her ex-husband is abusive and won't allow her to see them.  She knew that we talked with her for a reason and felt a lot of peace knowing that God is looking out for her.
I am so grateful for my mom!  She has helped me in more ways than I can count, but I think the biggest help that she has given me is baring her testimony to me and living what she was teaching!  Because my mom bore her testimony to me growing up I also had a desire to gain my own testimony, and because I had desire to gain my own testimony I am serving a mission which has been the greatest decision of my life!  I love the joy and happiness that comes from sharing the gospel!!
Elder Johnson


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