May 6, 2019


Eaton, Ohio


Elder Walker

Either Dead or Dying

Transfers where last week and I am now in Eaton Ohio! All week I was planning on writing a letter to y'all about some of my food miracles, (I came to the Eaton apartment and found we had a little oatmeal and some rice.) but then I got to thinking about some of my buddies serving outside of the states and I was chastened by the spirit.  Because me going without food here in the states is nothing compared to what others go through around the world!  We are very fortunate and blessed!
This area reminds me of my second area (New Castle Indiana)  The reason for that is everyone is either dead or dying.  There are a lot of really lonely people that are willing to talk, but not necessarily about the gospel.
On Friday morning we decided to go and visit a less active lady.  We got there and she wasn't home.  We tried a few of her neighbors, and none of them were interested.  We decided to abort the mission and head somewhere else.  We identified another less active and began to walk there.  After about 15 minutes of walking on a busy highway we realized we weren't even half way there.  We stopped for a second to talk about whether or not to keep going.  We both decided to we needed to visit this person.  After a long walk we finally arrived, just to find out that no one was home! I was a little bit upset because we could of spent more time talking to other people in a different area, but I couldn't do anything about it now. We started our trek back to civilization.  About 15 minutes back the other way we get a call from a different less active member.  He says, "Elders, what in the Sam heck (Not heck) are you doing out here?  I am about to drive past you.  Get in and I'll take you home. "We were pretty excited about that so we took the ride and got back to a populated area. Later I asked Elder Walker if he had ever met this guy that picked us up.  He said he had been by his house 1000000000 times and has never caught him home.  A little while later we get a call again from this less active.  He then asked us to help him with some service.  Of course we didn't turn that down, especially if its hard to get in contact with him.  We then went and helped him mow another churches lawn!
Even though our trek out to the middle of no where seemed like a waste of time, God was still able to provide us with a miracle.  Do I think this less active member will come back to church anytime soon... Maybe. But in reality its all in Gods timing.  We just need to exercise a particle of faith and God provides the rest.
Love Y'all
Elder Johnson


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