April 29, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Edwardson

My Ways < His Ways

Well Brennan and LaRontae both got baptized on Saturday... And Elder Edwardson and I are still recovering from it. On Sunday Elder Edwardson and I were waiting in the foyer for LaRontae and Brennan to show up for there confirmation.  We were checking our watches like crazy waiting for them. At 8:59, 1 minute before the service was about to began LaRontae and his family come casually strolling through the doors, but still no Brennan.  We decided to shoot him a text and went and sat down. The bishop got up to conduct the meeting and introduced the opening prayer and song.  Of course both the song and the prayer were very short.  All the while we kept looking through the doors waiting for Brennan. Soon enough Bishop gets up and announces that we had 2 baptisms the day before, then calls LaRontae up to be confirmed. After his confirmation I look out into the audience one last time to see if Brennan had walked in.  To my surprise, he still hadn't. We all walked back to our seats and prepared for the sacrament.  During the sacrament there were so many things running through my mind about what I could have done more to help Brennan come to church.  He hadn't missed a week of church in 9 weeks and of course the one day he misses is the day he is to receive the Holy Ghost. After the sacrament we get a text from one of the people we are teaching named George.  He says that he is at the church but doesn't know where to go.  We went out and met him in the parking lot.  As we did I scanned the cars looking for Brennan, but nothing.  I decided to scan them one more time and of course nothing. We walked back inside but before we did we decided to call Brennan.  He answered!  We asked where he was and he told us that his car had broken down and he had no way of getting to the church.  George over heard the conversation and said, "Hey I will go get him. "So we all piled into Georges Prius to pick up Brennan. We finally walked into the meeting right after the intermediate song.  Bishop recognized us and called Brennan up so he could be confirmed.
In the moment I was very frustrated!  I asked God why couldn't Brennan just have texted us and told us he needed a ride.  Why did all of this have to happen? Then I took a step back for a second.  The day before we had talked to George and he had told us that he was super excited to start using his talents to help other people in the church.  When George found out this was an opportunity to serve he felt needed and wanted.  He is not on date for May 25th. Then I took another step back.  Brennan had asked us how we are to share the gospel.  He told us that he wants to be able to share the gospel with people.  When George picked up Brennan he was able to make a connection with George and now wants to come to lessons with us and him.
The Lord tells us that My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither my ways your ways.  That experience defiantly would not of been my thoughts or ways, but it benefited so many more people and allowed all of them to have a great church experience.
I know God leads and directs His work. If you want to know Georges story then let me know.  He has an amazing story!
Love y'all!
Elder Johnson


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