April 22, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Edwardson

"Y'all Need to Listen to these Elders!"

Hello everyone!! Let's start off with a funny experience from the week.

On Wednesday we went over to teach Rontae. Rontae is an 11 year old that is on date to be baptized this Saturday. His grandma is a returning member and he lives in a house
full of people, but he is the only one that wants to be a member of the church. A couple weeks back he called us and told us he didn't want to meet anymore because it was taking away from his friend time, so we asked him to invite all of his friends to learn about the Gospel. He said he would try, but was to afraid to ask them. Instead he decided we should play basketball before the lesson and hope his friends would come over.

On Wednesday we knocked on the door and talked to his Aunt Sabrina. Sabrina told us to meet her around back where Rontae was, so we did. As we walked around back we heard a bunch of yelling, and at first we couldn't hear what she was saying, then we got closer and realized she was calling all of these little neighborhood kids to repentance!

"Y'all need to listen to these elders! They'll take you home to live with Jesus!" She said.

Then out of no where about 6 kids come running up to the basketball courts where we played a quick game and taught a lesson.

I loved elder Utchdorfs talk about sharing the Gospel in a "natural and normal way". Honestly the way Sabrina shared the gospel wasn't the most normal way to do it, in my opinion, but God uses imperfect people to accomplish His purpose. All we have to do is be like Sabrina and open our mouths.

1 short miracle story.

We were supposed to be meeting some elders in an area about 30 minutes away from our apartment around 7:30 pm. Around 7:00 we got a text from them saying they were going to be pretty late. This gave us plenty of time to go out and find someone to teach.

As we began to walk in this neighborhood we realized everyone was a little grouchy. We continued to walk and talk to everyone despite our lack of success.

After awhile we saw a family that was working on their car. We offered to help them, but they all ignored us. Then a lady came out of her house and we offered her a card, she said that she would take one but didn't have time to talk, but continued to talk to us...

She began to tell us about a few struggles that her and her family had been going through and knew that we were sent to her for a reason. She began to cry when we told her that
our appointment had fallen through, and that we weren't even supposed to be in that area. We all knew that God had placed us her path!

Once again, I love being a missionary! I know there is no other place in the world I am supposed to be. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that it is eternal, but not only that, it is personal! I have felt my Savior's love greater these past 18ish months than I have ever in my life!

Love y'all

Elder Johnson


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