April 1, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Edwardson


Not a whole lot of time... again. Preparation days fly by here in this area because we have so many things we can do lol! This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon has increased by leaps and bounds. I have noticed multiple times just this week that people have little to no interest and then we begin to talk about the Book of Mormon and they want us to come back!
We knocked on a ladies door and she told us to get lost, but because we are persistent we asked if she knew anyone that we could go visit. Surprisingly she sent us to her neighbor telling us that her husband had just passed away.  We went there and knocked, but received no answer. We decided to knock on a few more doors in the area and none of them were interested at all, but each one told us to go by the lady that her husband had passed away. We knew God wanted us there. A few days later we tried by her house again and thus time she answered. She was a very happy and energetic lady, but you could tell she was hurting. She was happy to see us, but said she had a church and wasn't interested. We kept talking with her and she began to ask us questions about our beliefs. We told her that the thing that makes us different from other religions is the Book of Mormon. We bore our testimony about how much peace it has brought into our lives and then shared Mormon 7:5 with her about how the sting of death has been swallowed up through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She instantly became interested in the Book and asked us how much it was. She was extremely surprised to hear it was free and took a copy planning to read it within the month!
3 other expereinces like that happened this week testifying to me that there is power in the Book of Mormon. It can and will heal the wounded soul. It teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ as plain as can be. I think at times I take for granted the Book of Mormon and its power because I have had it my whole life, but expereinces like these where people have total change of heart because of the spirit they feel as we explain the about the Book testifies to me thaf it is true and has power!
I love this Gospel and know it's true! I look forward to General conference because it is a time for all of our wounded souls to be healed. Please don't let the changes in the church be more important to you than hearing the pleasing word of God. Don't look beyond the mark. There are messages designed specifically for you and your circumstances and if we are so caught up about what's going to change we will miss it!
Love you all
Elder Johnson!
Ps Good Luck Elder McKay Blanchard in Brazil!


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